Hc Svnt Dracones – Echoes of the Past – Episode 3

The former Corporate Agents have finally found a definitive clue as to the location of the terrorist that caused the deaths of their relatives.  Unfortunately, the clue is in the form of a former mercenary who is being held in a maximum security Black Site prison.  Fully committed, the agents hatch a plan to break into the prison and get their target out.  The way in, however, might not be very pleasant.  Get ready for Operation Sewer Cat!

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  1. The “Core: Extended” second rulebook has a Lore section narrated by a ten-year old lynx girl whose mother was a dolphin. Apparently there’s a roughly 50/50 chance of inheriting either parent’s species, hybrid morphisms are “glitches in the mutt-reduction protocols”.

    Also, female Cogs have an internal 3D printer that can translate Vector genes into blueprints. And male Cogs can get an attachment that does the inverse.

  2. Operation Sewer Cat certainly went swimmingly!
    I love heist scenarios, especially in sci-fi RPGs…
    The mixture of investigation, planning, setup, and finally a big chunk of payoff and suspense that at any moment could transition into high-stakes action.

    It’s win-win for fun factor — whether things go exceptionally well (and the team’s brilliant plan is executed flawlessly, leaving the opposition completely befuddled and powerless) or very poorly (and the team desperately seeks to stumble out of the meat grinder they’ve sneaked their way into), it’s always exciting to listen to, and it can be very difficult to tell which way things will go until the mission’s over.

  3. lulz, space furry future porn. >D

    It is mentioned in the rulebook that there is a tax paid by all vectors everywhere. It covers Progenitus, meaning everyone gets access to medical care to clean up illnesses and basic injuries with no additional costs (basic being “ow, my arm’s broken!”, not “Ow, my arm is SHEERED OFF!”). I don’t know if taxes are paid for anything else though considering literally everything is a micropayment (walking through a park, opening doors, or driving down a street). I mean, what else is there to tax. Literally the air they breathe is a micropayment in some places.

    Also, humanoid top half snakes are taurs. Typical snakes are actual snakes with no limbs, though they’re still intelligent. And every animal is omnivorous, rabbits (HSD expansion) through cheetahs. They do have the technology to vat grow meat instead of raising cattle, and obviously have agriculture (special multipurpose insects detailed in the HSD expansion keep that going rather than Terran insects which couldn’t survive). The whole vegan vs. carnivore thing probably persists into that future as well, though with no typical candidates for each (rabbit carnivores and tiger vegans being equally hilarious but allowed) since no vector has known a predator/prey or carnivore/herbivore lifestyle for their entire existence. In fact the idea of a tiger being physically stronger or more imposing than a ferret is not a given in the game, since a tiger can be a 5’7″ nerd and a ferret can be a 6’4″ Pulse sports star.

    Also also, as mentioned in a previous post above, breeding between species is a thing in canon thanks to fancy future genetics. Strong genetic coding prevents mutation (for the most part), so a wolf and a hawk would only produce a wolf or hawk offspring (ideally, as a typical case. There’s the morphism thing where anything can happen). It’s mentioned somewhere I think that the mother dictates the birthing process (like a wolf hatching from an egg) but I can’t find it at present.

    If you want to go crazy with the space furry future porn though, consider the morphisms carefully. >T

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