Mutant Year Zero: False Haven

mutantyearzeroAfter an apocalypse wiped out most of the surface, life continued in an underground bunker. Over the years, the children of the residents became more and more mutated, until some were scarcely recognizable as human. However, for three of the current generation of mutants, life is about to change. For a year, the guardians of the bunker have fought a war against monsters invading the lower levels. Food and water supplies are being shipped up in smaller and smaller increments until the water supply dries up entirely. The residents must delve into the bottom levels to find out what has happened. What they find will shock them to their core.

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  1. Yes…YES…post apocalyptic is appreciated. Although all APs from RPPR are great!

  2. So listening to this and understanding that Tom is running the game makes me consider exactly what the bunker/haven is going to be. Also listened to his EP game Prophets Hope, which really surprised me.. Now I’m not looking to spoil anything, but after listening to the first 50 minutes and hearing about limited food supplies, and people going downstairs to fight…something, something isn’t right for the poor mutants.

    The name of the haven should be ‘Meat Processing Plant No. 9’ IMO. Not close to finishing the AP so no idea of what happens after the first 50 minutes. Also are there any wafers around? Like green ones that taste so much better than the red and yellow ones from before and are made from tasty, tasty plankton…

  3. Having played this game a lot in its original Swedish edition, its pretty cool to hear the RPPR guys go at it in English 🙂

    The dice/rules mechanics are quite neat and really easy to get into, although we did feel character progression got shallow fast as we got further into the campaign.

  4. So, when will Ross release his first album of Freerange Vaporwave? Because it’s going to be a thing.

  5. Author

    Ironically enough, freerange vaporwave was the name of my high school ska band.

  6. YES. Finally glad to hear Mutant Year Zero playtested and it’s mechanics explored. Really like the intro adventure so far. The twist certainly gives the players one heck of a motivation to find the leavers and come to some sort of reckoning.

    Expand those tables, publish those house rules and more rolling!

  7. Oh I am soooo down for more of this.

  8. Love the Swedish game (being a swede and all) and the predecessor (Mutant; the Inheritors of the Apocalypse that takes place in Year 0s future), and this was great. I hope you get the Mutant; Machinarium (or whatever it’s gonna be called in English) soon.

  9. Nice session.

    I think you can use a bit more rppr silliness without worry since the swedish version has many bad puns and jokes.

    Example: the enforcer class is more correctly translated as smasher.

  10. Is the Mutant Year Zero Campaign still being done or this was a one-shot? Just re-listened to the AP and really liked where Tom was going with it.

    Asking because the AP was posted October 2016 you know..and I’d really like to know how many actually survive the journey and if they find the enforcers etc.

    Anyway, would love more Mutant Year Zero from Tom.

  11. Author

    We plan to play a one shot of Genlab Alpha and then Tom wants to run a campaign that uses material from both books. The problem so far has been scheduling the games.

  12. Time will pass quick enough, anything will be fantastic. Did not know about Genlab Alpha. I’ll pass the time reading through Mutant Year Zero. Thanks for the update and looking forward to it eventually in time, as I’m sure many others are as well. Thanks Ross and RPPR!

  13. Tom always has cool stories as a gm (I understand the game is swedish, but I’m under the impression he wrote the specific adventure, yes?), and he does a pretty good job, but I just want to provide some friendly critique of his gm style;

    It seems to me like he has a bad habit of telling the players what they realize instead of leading them to have the realizations themselves. I understand the latter is a lot easier said than done, but I feel like even a half-successful ‘self-realization’ story is better than a well done ‘and now I tell you what you realize’ story.

  14. Looking forward to this campaign of Mutant Year Zero when it arrives.

    Re-listening to Toms AP. It is good.

  15. Finished listening to this after hearing about the rpg through the game. Damn this is good and kind of gives me a feel for the universe. Really really good, can’t wait to hear part two if it happens or if anyone remembers anything that happened.

  16. Genlab Alpha one shot and campaign eventually.

    See above post.

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