Blue Planet: Deep Shit

A secret underwater lab on the exoplanet Poseidon has gone silent. The last transmission indicates the on site security chief went mad and began to slaughter everyone on the station. A team of commandos from Global Ecology Organization (GEO) has been sent in to investigate why. They will have to deal with storms, the station’s defenses, and a renegade genetically enhanced super soldier.

This session was run by the game’s creator, Jeff Barber. Please check out Biohazard Game’s website to learn more about Blue Planet.

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  1. Hey Ross and Crew!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share BP. Had a blast, and you guys nailed scenario. Nice work!


  2. Can’t listen or download this BP AP from RPPR in China. Any ideas?

    And thanks to Jeff Barber for Upwind and BP.

  3. Awesome in every way. And I’m not just saying that because Blue Planet is THE best sci-fi RPG (together with Eclipse Phase). Great job everyone involved.
    A bit confusing at times because of the lack of map when you’re just listening to it, but that’s a minor gripe that doesn’t detract from how awesome this was.
    Hope to hear more Blue Planet in the future.

  4. The RPPR crew roleplaying a military unit. Never Not Funny.

    It’s great listening to Blue Planet being played though. Blue Planet was one of those RPGs that the gamers I knew would heap praise on, but no-one ever seemed to run it.

  5. Went in expecting something akin to EP, and while the setting is very reminiscent, the actual gameplay more resembled one of Glancy’s WW1 games. In both cases, a very enjoyable game in a very cool setting. I’d love to hear you guys play more of Blue Planet in the future!

  6. Can now download as back in a Western country. Looking forward to it.

  7. Thank you for sharing the game. Always nice to hear the great Jeff Barber! 🙂

  8. Whoever took the techie to deny Aaron? Are you really that happy with your decision? Because it meant he got the demolitionist.

    Three rules of RPPR: let an Aaron aaron; don’t talk over Tom; and kill the parrot first.

  9. @ Phil Nadeau

    I felt pretty happy with the demolitionist, all things considered.

  10. Really enjoyed listening to Blue Planet and Jeff explain the secrets at the end. Thanks RPPR crew! A shame no-one decided to set off a grenade in the sub. I thought the Mark 6 would be an octopus and could squeeze into vents etc. Hence they couldn’t find it.

  11. I really loved the opening paragraphs, and the readings. As well as the role playing in the drop ship.
    I like how there are some thematic similarities to Eclipse Phase, but that this RPG as a whole is not a horror game…and like I can get into that.
    Granted this one shot was on the horror slider for sure. The core rolling mechanic seems a little odd.
    It sounded like a good scenario though. I liked the anecdote about the old bomb prop.
    All round a good one shot.

    P.S. I know it’s in the setting and all, but I feel the need to point out that at least in Australia the difference between Aborigines and Aboriginal Peoples is significant…like the first one is almost a slur. It’s up there with Eskimo.

  12. (Spoilers)

    What?! A RPPR one-shot in which every body’s alive at the end? I want my money back!

    Kidding. Best fun I had listening to a nin-horror actual play.

  13. More Blue Planet in the future from RPPR?

  14. I love the intro! I really like the idea of getting the players to read the box text out loud! Now, back to listening…

  15. Not listened to this yet, it sounds great though. Has the scenario been published anywhere?

  16. Sorry John. Despite long intention to write up the scenario it’s unfortunately still only just in my head. There was so much other Blue Planet stuff that needed writing at the time, and then it got s0 far back in the rear view mirror that it just dropped of the priority list.

    Maybe some day, when Upwind is finally done, and we consider a new version of Blue Planet…

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