Red Markets: Fallen Flag – Episode 13

Just One Last Score. Mr. JOLS. It is time for Fallen Flag to seek out Two Banners, a theme park held by a violent cult of archivists. The territory and its resources are invaluable, so Fallen Flag must push the cult out to succeed. Of course, there’s a reason why no one else has wiped out the cult. Their secret weapon may be too much for Fallen Flag to handle, but the die has been cast. Even if the crew takes the water park, what will happen to them? Will they reach retirement? Can they ever be happy again? Find out in the campaign finale of Fallen Flag!

Special art made by Patsy McDowell!

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  1. Jolly good! The endings. Oh, the endings…

    Thanks for an awesome campaign, guys!

  2. Awesome picture.
    And, if I recall correctly, awesome ending. Think I teared up a little.

  3. Amazing job. What a hell of an ending.

  4. An epic finale for an epic campaign. I have to give Tom credit for his equanimity after those two critical failures. I thought that was the turning point.

  5. Was a great campaign from beginning to end. What an ending

  6. Brilliant.

    Half probably has the best one-liners, between letting Taxes know who had his number, to firing everybody, to what I think should just be the closing of the movie (Or HBO series, probably) of this campaign, just his words, and some gunshots. Everything felt kind of appropriate. Except maybe Mccreedy, but, y’know – he always was edging toward those near-death experiences.

  7. “You tell ’em it’s the one-armed man. Tell ’em it’s the doctor , it’s the falconer…you tell ’em it’s the saber, tell ’em it’s the bowman, and the photographer. You tell ’em it’s FALLEN FLAG!
    I actually needed to get up from my desk and take a little walk after this. This campaign’s a thing of beauty, and everyone involved should be proud, including the manufacturers of Kraken rum.

  8. “Going out of business sale. Everything must go.”

    Roll credits.

  9. I cannot wait for Red Markets now.

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