The Sprawl: A Synthwave Future

In the grimdark and chrome future, teams of freelance mercenaries carry out jobs for anonymous corporate clients, no matter what it entails. One such team is given a job to acquire a certain piece of data, contained only in a disk at a secure apartment. The team does not know why the client needs it but they need the money to survive life in the SPRAWL (inception sound)…

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  1. Aaron: We’ll meet you in that parking lot in the sky.
    Ross: Why a parking lot?
    Aaron: ‘Cause that’s where Craig’slist pick-ups go down.
    Shawn: I wouldn’t now.

    Yeah, I can attest to this method of online arrangements, after my sister dragged me out to the parking lot of what I can only describe as the set of a slasher flick. She wanted me there just to be safe.

    Also for some reason, the poem with a killswtich program seemed like one of those stories of a haunted program and thought this was going to be an extension of Shawn’s other scenarios. What happened was just as fun.

    Also, Also: Could this system be a possible avenue for Lady Gaga 2.0? or has that ship sailed?

  2. Completely unrelated: I just wanted to say all you guys are completely Awesome to listen too. I work as Security on 3rd shift, & listening to y’all helps time pass a LOT faster &ake my long shifts enjoyable.

    I just had a quick question for Ross, I noticed you obsession with Carcosa & Hastur Mythos, I can’t deny that I’m also equally a huge fan.

    Any new Carcosa themed like episodes or play test in the future? Also have you ever given thoughts to running a “Tatters of the King” Campaign!?

    I would love to here Calub, Dan, & Aaron get thrown into a Carsoa style game more offten, Their choices in game are always Awesome to listen to.

    Anyways I’m a huge fan, I have a few suggestions but I’ve already “Fanboyed” over you guy enough & I’m sure y’all get plenty of that junk LOL.

  3. Author

    My Carcosa ‘hobby’ began after I read the chapter on the Hastur Mythos in Delta Green: Countdown and the scenario Night Floors (in the same book). You can get it on PDF so I highly recommend it.

    I am currently focused on finishing a book for Upwind. Once that is over, I will begin work on Ruin, a horror RPG with those themes.

    We probably aren’t going to run a published CoC campaign any time soon due to a growing backlog of other games that deserve some play time. Gotta keep playing new games!

    Thanks for the comment! We always appreciate it 😀

    (BTW we have more podcasts on the RPPR Patreon so if you ever run out of the main shows, check that out!)

  4. @Ross Ya, I already got those PDF’s & it was actually your one shots using the “night floors” that got me interested in the Carcosa mythos, I listened to your other ones.

    Afterwards I kind of became obsessed with architectural horror & the Carcosa myths so I started reading up on the Hastur mythos & general theme.

    I don’t have much time to run any CoC games but I’ve been working on creating a One-Shot within the mythos so I hope I can find time to pull a Group of my own Togther.

    I understand, I like a lot of y’all’s campaign, I’m currently catching up on y’all Base Radiers plays. Sorry guys but Caleb & his antics will always be my favorite. But I definitely look forward to your Ruin game.

    Anyways keep up the great work guys, I look forward to listening to all y’all’s games.

    P.S. im waaay ahead of you. I’ve checked out y’all’s Patreon a while ago, I’ve been a fan of y’all’s work for almost 2yrs now. I can’t really contribute like I want to support you guys, we just had a baby so money’s tight. But I’ll try to donate here & there when I can.

  5. The maguffin was _Agrippa: A Book of the Dead_ by William Gibson.

    Gentlebeings, you. Are. Awesome.

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