Trail of Cthulhu: Midnight Sub Rosa

The diary of Ezekiel de la Poer, a colonial-era French necromancer hanged for child-murder in 1736 was stolen at the home of an emeritus professor in the small town of Rosa, Alabama. His house lives in the eaves of a forest of white ash. Can the Investigators find the book before its thief becomes something else entirely?

This scenario comes from Out of the Woods, an anthology of forest themed Trail of Cthulhu scenarios.

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  1. RPPR needs to produce posthaste a loooooong actual play series in which Caleb plays an indignant southern gentleman.

  2. Pure audio gold if incredibly bizarre.

  3. This has been a Interesting episode, and I agree with above comment, EXCELLENT Accent!!

    @Ross, Caleb, Aaron & Crew
    I had a quick question for you guys, I listened to a few episodes tonight I keep hearing References to “Dog punching” & I was wondering what episode/ Actual Play did that happen in? And here I thought the Shark Fight was awesome I hear It Referenced in the God teeth, Payday, & even that Play test of the Red Tower y’all did. It sound like a Hilarious event & I must know when & what happened! What Actual play was that in?

  4. I love your stuff but the crosstalk has definitely made me turn off episodes…

  5. This was excellent– it may merit a “South will rise again” tag. I especially love that the Southern dandy’s solution to most everything is “burn it down”– hey, if it worked for Sherman…

  6. @Crazon AWESOME thank you, I have already downloaded those, just haven’t had time to listen yet…sounds like a easy he.eith no Downside, not sure why anyone would go & puch a dog for.

    I guess I know what I’m listening too next.

  7. @Robert Wolf Your in for a treat. XD

    Also… Maybe it’s because I’ve been knee deep in the game “Secret World Legends” of late, but starting this scenario feels like something in Kingsmouth or the Savage Coast.

    I love it!

  8. Oh my god, Caleb was great

  9. Wow, I think this may be my single favorite RPPR exchange ever:

    James Arnold, Southern Dilettante: “IS THAT THE CONSTABLE?!? Tell him to bring me a scatter-gun befitting a gentleman, and to take this antiquated BLUNDERBUSS from my HAND!”

    Sheriff [hands over shotgun]: “Now, now hold on, don’t be doing anything rash!”

    James Arnold, Southern Dilettante: “I, sir, am a man of breeding, and would never be so crass as to use means unbefitting the situation. THIS NE’RE-DO-WELL hath potentially brought a CORRUPTION upon your good people, and I seek to find the root of it! So if you DO NOT MIND, good sir, leave me to my business!”

  10. I just started listening to this podcast (got here through a mildly circuitous route: jumped from the Blurry Photos podcast to Dracula Dossier APs to Kenneth Hite games in general to finally arrive at RPPR) and, oh my god, after this episode I think I’m going to be a regular subscriber. Despite a long-distance fascination with them, I’ve never played any RPGs myself, however it seems pretty obvious to me that the play-through in this episode is not typical gaming style. Who cares? It was tons of hilarious fun listening to you all cut the Gordian knot of a Lovecraftian nightmare! I look forward to exploring your archives.

  11. @Ross Thanks man! I’ve listened to a few episodes since my first post (Iron Banded Box, Bryson Springs, and some of The Night Clerk) and damn if you guys don’t have great stuff going back years and years!

  12. I have not laughed this hard at an RPPR episode since the Cyberpunk: Lady Gaga Actual Play. Caleb was in rare form, and by that I mean I could listen to an entire podcast of him just acting as this Dilettante character. I swear he must have had an entire thesaurus of 19th Century words lying next to him the whole time.

    Loved it!

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