13th Age: The Strangling Sea

strangleseaEnter the graveyard of doomed ships. Experienced seafarers know better than to risk the dangers of the Stranglesea: that terrible place where castaways cling to existence in the rotting hulks of trapped ships, and deadly creatures feast on the unwary.

Now a band of adventurers must enter the Stranglesea and attempt to rescue the enigmatic engineer Inigo Sharpe from his imprisonment. But Sharpe is both more and less than they were prepared for — and the forces of an enemy icon want him for their own sinister purposes.

The Strangling Sea is a seafaring 13th Age Roleplaying Game adventure by Robin D. Laws for a party of 4-6 1st-level adventurers.

The RPPR group took a shot at it. Results will surprise you!

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  1. Shark friending? Just punch the shark, Aaron. Punch it. 🙂

  2. Ross’ approach to the Icon rolls is great. Shark friend and his old-timey accent should return. Bjorn the seasick bear, also fun.

    Good problem solving at the end to get past the last fight, too.

    I like the floating, seaweedy sandbox. I assume that the players can try to bargain with the Wreck Rats, too?

    Overall, I really like 13th Age and how fast it goes with combat while still having some meat to it. Definitely my favorite incarnation of fantasy d20 games – it’s nice to hear RPPR enjoy it as well.

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