Red Markets: Fallen Flag – Episode 3

rmff3Fallen Flag finds a job working for a faction inside Trabajo, one that will benefit the enclave itself. They must extract sensors from vending machines in a nearby high school. For some reason, the building is intact and the sensors are intact. No one seems to occupy it, a fact that troubles the takers, but they must do the job regardless of what awaits them. Of course, getting there and back poses its own problems, as Fallen Flag discovers. Sometimes what looks like an opportunity is just another threat.

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  1. even when the world as we know it has ended…publish or perish remains…

  2. New AP coming soon?

  3. Parrots are SOOO last season. This year, it’s all about the Deer.

  4. But it’s not a deer!

  5. Can’t wait for the dinner with Half’s ex-, son, and Chad. 😉

    I didn’t know you guys thought enough of me to name an NPC after! *cough*

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