Red Markets: Fallen Flag – Episode 1

flag-crewFallen Flag are a group of takers in Trabajo, an enclave located in a train yard in Greeley Colorado. They know this must be their last year on the job. They have to save up enough bounty to pull off the score of a life time, the engimatic “Two Banners”, or die trying. Their first mission is a score. A fracking operation run by the government has been abandoned, leaving precious fuel for the taking. No one knows why the site has been abandoned but Fallen Flag is willing to take the risk to find out. Learn more about the enclave in this thread on the RPPR Forums.

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  1. Remember people. Try not to spoil anything for people who didn’t get to listen to the preview campaign. I know I will be re listening to the campaign as it comes up just to comment on it, but not everyone was able to listen to it. Be considerate.

    Now that being said…TWO BANNERS!!!


  3. Does anyone have any suggested alternate listening?
    I’ve heard all of Fallen Flag, but I’m still going to need something to listen to on the way to and from work while it’s being released for the next few months!

  4. @Oshi there’s TONS of pretty good actual play recordings out there– it depends on what systems and styles you like. If you like Cthulhu, Skype of Cthulhu has plenty of great sessions– particularly the Horror on the Orient Express epic that they’re wrapping up ( How We Roll also has excellent Cthulhu sessions with high production values (especially after the first two arcs) (

    If you like Eclipse Phase, check out the Drunk and Ugly run of The Thunder and the Whirlwind. If you like Star Wars stuff (or really just superb and funny roleplay), check out the Campaign run of OneShot ( OneShot itself is a bit more hit or miss, but it is generally quite good (I especially recommend the Inspectres episodes, and Caleb also ran a Red Markets session with them).

    I think Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay often translates well into podcasting, and Reckless Dice has some good campaigns ( (they also ran Mountains of Madness for Cthulhu). There’s a pretty obscure and quite long campaign of the Enemy Within (in contention for the best campaign ever created) here:

    I’m not a huge DnD fan, but there are a few DnD actual plays that I like (generally stuff that is silly and not over-focused on combat), like an Acquisitions Incorporated podcast (, with earlier stuff at I think Party Roll is also very funny– particularly Season 2, which they just wrapped up (you can start with S2, as it’s a completely new story) ( Most people’s gold standard right now for funny DnD actual play is probably The Adventure Zone, which is definitely a quality podcast (

    I highly recommend Hello from the Magic Tavern as well– that’s a comedy pod that does a fair amount of enjoyable world building and could appeal to actual play fans ( The Improvised Star Trek is somewhat similar and also pretty amusing (

  5. Wow!
    Thank you very, very much for the very, very detailed reply Toto!

    Let’s start with some Eclipse Phase and see where we end up :D.

  6. The mental image of Half hobbling back and forth to lead a pack of Casualties on a goose chase while MacCready just sort of watches amuses me.


  7. Two Banners!

  8. Awesome podcast. I love Red Markets!

    Hey I had a question: If I understand correctly Latents go vector if they are killed (other than a head shot) but I got the impression they can also just ‘turn’ vector as the blight in their system eats away at their brain (or whatever)? If that is the case, is that also a risk of Suppresin? Cause I gotta say, getting dosed with suppressin ‘just in case’ seems like a much worse idea if there is still the chance you go vector at some later point anyway…

  9. @Smudgius

    I think you’re confusing Vectors with ghouls from Fallout. Latents are special because the Blight specifically does not target their brain and instead skips to the undead stage with the creepy black veins. This is why they “go Vector” upon suffering actual braindeath–the Blight steps into the driver’s seat in a body that isn’t stiffened by rigor mortis or rotted away. As long as they’re still alive the Blight doesn’t touch their brain.

  10. It’s possible I missed something, although I wasn’t thinking of them like feral ghouls. I guess I’d gotten the impression that the guy ‘going vector’ that they encountered just after assassinating their target in Distributee (Brutalists episode 13?) was a latent that had just ‘gone over the edge’ but maybe it was just someone who was just bitten (or infected by a latent), and I just connected the wrong dot…

  11. That was the guy that Mallius shook hands with before the fight. He turned because Tom got a Will from Caleb for insisting they shake hands and thus inadvertently infecting him.

  12. Ahhhhh… and suddenly it all makes sense. Dang, if you can go vector just from shaking hands -no wonder it’s a stress test to do first aid on a latent. Yikes!

  13. @Toto. Amazing! I would have recommended almost the exact same episodes.

    May I also suggest Gamerstable Tower of the Ape (Savage Worlds Conan), The Stygian Fragment (Call of Cthulhu), and Power of the Darkside (StarWars)

    One Shot has a bunch of good ones. My favorites are The Dracula Dossier (, Numenera ( and Red Markets (

    I’m also a fan of the Kilobops group. They have Eclipse Phase (, Shadowrun ( and and a unique Strands of Fate setting Shadow of the Unseen (


  14. I have a podcast as well, but we’re kinda new still. I also kinda feel that its cool to advertise others but not yourself, so unless I get the greenlight, I won’t mention it.

    Anyhoo, TWO BANNERS!

  15. Something I would like to see explained is:
    What happens if two takers are related and share dependents.

    A good example are two siblings who escaped with their little sister and a crippled parent.

    Alternatively, what if one or more of Takers want to claim an abandoned dependent?
    What if they want to help take care of a Taker’s dependent?
    What if two Takers join ‘families’ for some reason.

  16. Or what if a Taker group promises to take joint-care of dependents belonging to a Taker who dies on a mission?

  17. Author

    Mechanically, I don’t think it matters unless you’re trying to weasel out of paying 1 bounty per game session per dependent. I assume PCs could add on more dependents, as long as they pay 1 bounty per dependent per mission.

  18. So, technically, if two pcs have the same dependent, they both pay upkeep for it? That dependent could be needy for one pc and not another?

  19. Author

    Yes, everyone pays upkeep for their dependents. The dependent could be needy for one PC and not another. No one gets a free ride in Red Markets.

  20. Webmetz, I could see that kind of scenario for a family, with their kids. The bounty cost doesn’t exactly cover cost of living, but rather, a more general “how well are we taking care of our son?” One parent pays up but the other can’t? (Or chooses not to, bc they NEED to hit that retirement plan milestone ASAP) Suddenly, little Johnny likes Papa better. Think about what vignettes would turn into in that situation, especially in a Bust game where you need to pass skill checks to gain ANY benefit from them.

  21. Patsy’s artwork is great, except Half is smiling. I’m only on episode 7 though, so there may be a time when he becomes happy-go-lucky.. at some point?

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