Call of Cthulhu: The Wounded

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Synopsis. The horrors of the First World War did not end at the battlefield for many. Crippling injuries affected countless soldiers and civilians on both sides. In one British countryside hospital, a group of wounded soldiers begin the long journey of coming to terms with their wounds when a doctor offers them a chance at a normal life. The experimental surgery can restore missing limbs and burned skin and safely extract embedded shrapnel. It seems like a panacea for all forms of injury, but how can it possibly work? As the patients consider their options, their dreams grow strange. Their war has ended, but another one beckons…

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  1. Inoperable. Shrapnel. In Skull.

  2. @Sam RPPR could make a killing on t-shirts of all the different “high school ska band” names, just sayin’.

  3. Man oh man oh man. Caleb with lucky number 17.

    This has got to be an RPPR best of.

    Salient points:

    Whoever suggested “well just put his hand in hot water,” oh god you evil genius. I just lost it.

    And Ross’s comment about the flying dog.

    And the entrance of the Nurse. I thought this was a Silent Hill scenario for a moment before I caught on.

    And the “dogs licking a wound makes it heal,” pause, turns to Caleb “however…”

    As I’m listening to this, grinning and expecting more innuendos, ASG’s scream-queen worthy screech made me jump.

  4. So it started to get scary, then it became humorous with Aaron suggesting that he set Caleb’s character’s crotch on fire, then it became scary again, and then it switched back to funny. I’m not really sure how to feel about this episode but I’m pretty sure I liked it.

  5. Yeah, that pretty quickly did become all about Caleb’s junk.

    I love that they didn’t even get to discover if the doctor knew any spells like wither. Just, cane to the head and that’s over.

  6. An invisible johnson makes glory holes almost worthless.

    I think Nodens isn’t really up my alley. I used to like him but more and more he seems a bit lacking in aline and terrible.

  7. This is the first GenCon game on RPPR I’ve listened to all the way through — the sound quality was actually good this time!

    This one definitely needed more Cody, from earlier RPPR days.

    I liked the way Nodens was worked into the scenario’s premise, but the problem remains that Nodens is — to stay with the theme — a huge boner-killer for any ‘Lovecraftian horror’ romp.

  8. War has changed for Venom Ross

  9. Beagle Graft: You are filled with an overpowering and unceasing desire to locate and consume fecal matter. When in the presence of fecal matter or presented with an opportunity to locate it, you must succeed on a SAN check to resist this urge. If you fail, you will rush towards the feces and consume it unless physically restrained.

  10. I half expected that when Caleb peeked under his sheets after the operation he would be presented with the sight of a baby xenomorph in a top hat a la Spaceballs.

    “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal…”

  11. Ah, is it that sweet time of year again already?

  12. Lol thank you for the vellum with a silver dollar nipple. I scared my co worker laughing so hard.

  13. Two hours into this and loving it. To say it goes to dark places is somewhat of an understatement. I’m currently at “Edward Fox and the Invisible Penis.” I can’t help but think that the history of the Call of Cthulhu RPG would have been very different if this adventure had been in the back of the original book as an example scenario instead of the Haunting.

  14. Best way to deal with a mythos sorcerer really.

  15. Really surprised with the random wound(s) table that nobody wound up like some of the sideshow performers in the film Freaks where it is just half of someone. Great show guys & been wondering that earlier tease from Glancy on how some of the scenarios with that idea would work.

    Guessing the next one is everyone in Mi-Go brain cylinders where you roll randomly on who your neighbor is & trying to convince them to shut up or keep talking.

  16. Any chance that wounds table gets shared……?

  17. Where can I find this scenario?

  18. It is not currently available, to the best of my knowledge. Some of the earlier Adam Scott Glancy historical scenarios that RPPR has played are going to be published as a collection called Horrors of War: A Covenant With Death that was Kickstarted a while back (along with a couple that haven’t been featured here, if I recall correctly), but it’s been delayed and last I heard there wasn’t a firm ETA on delivery. Glancy has a number of others (including this one) in the works and I think the idea is for Horrors of War to be a series that will eventually include all of them, but obviously that first collection needs to get out the door before any more entries in the line can be made.

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