Night’s Black Agents: The Thieves Code – Part 2

museum1The thieves now face their greatest challenge, stealing a priceless artifact from a well-guarded and remote museum. It has unusually strong security, including an armed response team and high tech alarm systems. Plus the thieves encountered the supernatural earlier, so they reasonably expect more occult interference. Planning and executing a flawless heist is easier said than done, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s this team.

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  1. Hey, it’s the return of the Taurus Judge! I actually got to shoot one of those a couple weeks ago. On our church men’s retreat. Missouruh.

  2. “i got them at GenCon”
    I don’t understand. Surely you meant GenCon 2015, there’s way we’re that up to date?

  3. Is that the Crystal Bridges Museum in the picture?

  4. @Oshi
    Yep, 2015. I picked them up at one of the booths, but this was the first chance I had to use the Thud Dice

  5. About halfway through this episode.

    Shout out to Caleb for pushing himself to roleplay radically different character concepts. Norm was the titular Everyman in Heroes of New Arcadia. Vo was brilliantly roleplayed as a dominant and vengeful yet very real woman in Fortunes of War. This newest character is a jaded swinger and was roleplayed adroitly and with class last session when describing the spy’s seduction protocol.

    I’m looking forwards to Caleb’s next exploration. Do a lizard-man-off with Tom.

    Really enjoying the heist set ups and the Oceans 11 descriptions/prep that Ross presents.

    I have to be critical on one point through. The museum hyper-security docent dropping a bug into Caleb’s gratis dufflebag pinged my bullshit detector. I would have narrowed my eyes in the GM’s direction.

  6. @Killjoy-Yes it is. It’s a well publicized picture of the traveling architectural model for the museum.

    I happen to work security at Crystal Bridges and I found this gameplay a real hoot. 🙂 Truthfully the game museum is nothing like the inspiration.

  7. (Not done yet, but this was just such a definitive moment)

    One PC advises another on how to mark his “Specialty anti-fucking-birdwoman-suck-my-blood-at-a-distance-rounds” for his shotgun.
    The line?
    “Just so you know, I’ve already come up with my own colour-coded list:
    Hawthorn are GREEN
    Cold Iron is BLACK
    Salt is WHITE
    Silver is GREY
    Breaching rounds that are full of Holy Water are BLUE
    Solid slugs are YELLOW and
    Buckshot is RED.”
    For some reason I pictured each statement punctuated with the display of an example. I now assume the revolver is loaded with a rainbow of small shotgun shells loaded with unusual materials, with even more varieties stuffed into the wielder’s pockets.

    I’m not sure whether the “You might as well take a scatter-shot approach.” comment that followed was a pun or not…
    Still, this does constitute The Scatter-Shot Approach to weirdness. Any Urban-Fantasy PCs heading into combat with the bizarre and unfamiliar take note!
    Make shotgun shells of whatever materials MIGHT be a monster weakness, and literally scatter shot until you figure it out!

  8. Ross is just so gleeful throughout this episode. It’s the kind of joy that only a really awful monster (or perhaps Carcosa) brings.

    The glowing red roads at the end were a great effect. The strange associations of Greek gods makes for unpredictable adversaries.

    The inspiration for the town/museum seems fun too – I’ll have to look up the real world version.

  9. Ross: Caleb, your in the woods with the dirt-bike…
    Caleb: I enter an X-games, and win it. Keep going. Pickup the medal as I escape.

    (Suddenly envisioned this operation being directed by Mel Brooks.)

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