Night’s Black Agents: The Thieves Code – Part 1

nba1A group of talented criminals are brought together by a mysterious and well-financed patron. The patron wants them to steal certain objects from certain places. The first is an ancient and valuable artifact from the safe of an art gallery. It is guarded by alarms and other conventional security, but the team is not told of its ultimate protection…the undead. Is fighting a blood sucking monster worth a sizeable payday?

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  1. CHAD, NOOO.

    if the asset handler’d developed a derangement here I think it would’ve had to be a longing obsession with Chad and a yearning for the simpler days when he was just hanging out with the pink-haired trust douche

  2. Oh man I’m really excited to hear more Night’s Black Agents! I love the system and I’ve been trying to set up a con game in prep for gencon!

  3. No Cthulhu references? Who are you and what did you do with Ross, damn you!

  4. Honestly I found myself listening to this thinking “Wouldn’t it be funny, if this whole thing was totally mundane and there were no actual supernatural creatures?” and then the black bird showed up.

    Also, poor Ross, that heckling about this going to be Mythos related was overstaying it’s welcome by the end for me. Otherwise a fun listen and cool vampire.

    This whole thing felt like a heist film that then transitions quickly into a horror film. I really liked that sudden genre turn.

  5. Loved it, can’t wait for more. Delicious NBA. [insert Pacha meme here] superb!

  6. And things were going so well!

  7. Made the mistake of taking a break to watch the new Jason Bourne film. It was dissapointing. This on the other hand is fantastic and not just because I could listen to RPPR talk about crime/espionage forever.

  8. You guys ever have those dreams where you’re being chased by a monster or the cops or something and you’re doing everything you can to get away. Suddenly you do something clever and think you’re clear and then nope! They’re right behind you and you think “Awww. What the fuck, man!?”

    That’s a Paytonian heist scenario.


    NBA is great. I am excited you guys are playing this again.

  9. Chuffed to be getting some more NBA. Such a treat to hear Caleb playing this again, and the rest of the guys seem more on the ball this time around as well. Really love how quick Ross is to work with the players to build the world continually with character and environmental input.

    And that bird vampire or whatever the fuck was seriously creepy.

  10. Between the NBA and Delta Green games, I think RPPR could run a great GenCon panel (or regular episode) on tradecraft and/or heists. The fascinating details like shark cars and safe-cracking repeaters definitely make these games sing.

    I’m glad that there’s more of these so we can see just how nasty the bird vampires really are in the next couple games. The plan was really good, which explains why things only went a little disastrous at the end…

  11. I loved that Ross got heckled for this I think Ross over uses the Mythos and the guys giving him a bit of shit for it was funny.
    Really cool vamp

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