Night’s Black Agents: The Thieves Code – Part 3

hecateThe thieves have their prize but can they escape with it? The guardian of the museum has trapped them in a small town and has sent her remaining cultists and followers to catch them. Either the thieves must wait until the mystic barrier weakens or they must defeat the dread priestess of Hecate and her followers. Can they survive to cash in or will the cult of Hecate feast on their blood? Find out in the conclusion to this mini-series!

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  1. This episode…kind of ends unexpectedly. Might be a glitch.
    Ends at 3:10:12 -ish

  2. Author

    It works on my end. It sounds like your download is corrupt. Try again or use a different app or computer to download it.

  3. Caleb sounds so pained this whole episode…. 🙁

  4. Next time on Night’s Black Agents: Giving Percy Jackson a wedgie.

  5. I don’t know why, but the idea of Caleb’s character stealing a dog to blend in struck me as something straight out of an episode of Archer.

    “WHY do you have a dog?!”
    “His NAME is Fifth, and he’s CAMOUFLAGE! Now come on, we need to go buy a tortoise.”
    “TORTOISE. Jesus Lana are you even listening?”

  6. @Jace911 HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Love the monster, totally stealing it for my MoTW game. The image of people spraying bullets in every direction with Caleb screaming insults via a megaphone while a tortoise plods along in the background is classic RPPR.

  7. I counted at least three instances of rewarded racism/classism in this episode. You’ve changed Ross, you’ve changed.

    Other than that great fun, I always enjoy classical mythology since it’s often so weird and interesting.

  8. My favorite part of this whole series is by far the fact that no one could make up their minds on how to pronounce Aaron’s character’s name. Although dog camouflage was pretty awesome.

  9. Hey now wait a second! Bus simulator may be shit but Euro Truck Simulator 2 is fucking amazing!

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