Inverse World: The Composer of Souls

composer1For a long as anyone can remember, the residents of the sleepy community of Hephaestus’ Link have lived in the shadow of the Great Necropolis. A hidden city of the dead that rests upon a massive island floating less that 10 miles from island-ring community. No one in the town knows who built it or how it came to rest so near to their remote trading islands.. While most of the residents of Hephaestus’ Link feel slightly unnerved with the silent city looming over their community, most consider it a benign structure, being only a source of ghost stories for the elders to scare their grandchildren. However, one of those stories seems to have come true. Tales of strange music and an unearthly howling has been circulating around the town by Cloud Sailors from visiting ships. Fearing the rumors could stop valuable trade ships from docking, the mayor of Hephaestus’ Link has called upon adventurers to investigate this hidden city of the dead and discover why it has suddenly come to life again…

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  1. This was very Aron. Has he ran any other games for RPPR, I can’t think of any off the top of my head. On a slightly different topic, I actually kind of miss the cover GM Ross and one shot basically every week. But I also enjoy the more diverse and smoothly ran games.

  2. James, He has also ran the Atomic Robo campaign (under FATE)…that is the first one to spring to mind.

  3. Well…I mean… there was also the Haunting… Oh! and the Beloved Dead and Legacy of NIMH. So he’s done a few on the site just not as many as Ross or Caleb. Think he might be tied with Tom.

    This was a fun run, I was getting a very “Fable VG” vibe in the city of the dead and I like how high fantasy and anime Inverse World can be. I think some of the players might have been getting a little too rowdy at times, but apart from that, a cool listen.

  4. Aaron’s GMing has really improved since he started running the patreon games. I’ve had the pleasure in playing in a few over the course of it’s run time and every time he get’s so much better.

    I think the last one I played in was a Delta Green one shot it was freakin’ inspired.
    I also got to play this very scenario, and I think he really took our feed back and worked it into this scenario and making it run tighter.

    Good work Aaron, you are becoming an expert cat wrangler 🙂

    We’ve got a few Aaron one shots over on [insert quest here] as well.

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