Feng Shui 2: Hotline HK – Part 2

hk4The vigilantes have seen a vision of their own deaths, but perhaps fate is not inevitable. Two men may be able to save them. One, a vicious Russian crime lord and the other is a strange American only known as Richard.Each is surrounded by armed goons of course. Can the vigilantes fight fate or will they find out that living by the mask always results in dying by the mask?

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  1. Damn you Ross! Now because of these damned AP’s I just went out and dropped 50 euros on the book for this game (and eclipse phase) as you guys make it seem so much fun!

  2. Great conclusion. My only regret is that I would’ve liked to see things get weird when fighting Richard.

    But man, this game was just so much fun. Quantum Drifters! Terrifying salarymen! The return of Magpie, Mongoose, Ox, and Badger! And of course, opening the door to another reality without thinking about it too hard.

    I don’t think I’ve played or heard a game that makes combat quite this fluid and fun. I actually got Feng Shui 2 a while ago, but you’ve inspired me to take it off the shelf and get a game of my own going.

  3. Also, gunpowder tea is certainly the perfect choice for this game.

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