Bullwinkle and Rocky RPG: The Jet Fuel Formula

rocky2As you know, we only play serious, grim, and dark role playing games, so we have continued this legacy with a daring indie storytelling game of a moose and squirrel hunted by a rogue government assassin and a femme fatale. Find out the truth behind the secret of the ‘jet fuel’ that some are willing to kill to get.

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  2. Oh man, I gotta play this one. I love Rocky & Bullwinkle. I love this session, how what begins as something of a hipsterish ironic experiment quickly evolves into a genuine appreciation for the game’s comedic style and surprisingly effective mechanics.

    And it’s also interesting to see what sound like very new-school storygame elements in a game from 1988.

  3. Muus Und Skvirl!

  4. The narrative arc of the hot dogs was beautiful.

    This game was clearly way ahead of its time.

  5. Clearly all the players smoked all the drug when they played this game.

  6. @Ethan C

    The game seems like it was ahead of its time.

  7. Truly a masterpiece lost to time. Brought back much like every other game brought forth here on RPPR and I cannot wait to maybe see it at GenCon if I make it.

  8. Bill just kicked this episode up to 12! You really need to do an Immortal campaign with him running it for the appropriate reverence of source material!

  9. @Lonnie I still reckon they should play Katanas & Trenchcoats.

  10. it takes a Bullwinkle game to bring out the 9/11 conspiracy, meth, and testicle jokes

  11. The very first quip from Bill told me that it had the potential to be true to form, “I lose more stoves this way” is *exactly* a Bullwinkle thing to say.

  12. Ohh my gosh, this was just unbelievably funny and charming. Everyone was in amazingly rare form, and the whole game was so quick, witty, and altogether clever that it felt like it had been scripted in the best possible way. Thanks for a truly hilarious listen gang!

  13. For the record, Warren Spector was also involved with designing Toon, and turned out Epic Mickey for Disney’s videogame studio(s). So his presence in the credits on this one isn’t as weird as it might initially seem. Guy loves cartoons.

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