Red Markets Beta: The Brutalists episode 5

Vector-v1Justice exists in the Loss, albeit in a crude and unfair manner. The Brutalists are hired to help enforce the law by escorting a prisoner through the Loss to a tribunal for a ‘trial’, sentencing, and punishment. Of course, justice is more about politics and keeping the peace out here. If the innocent have to die in order to appease the masses, so be it. They take on a new team member and take a side trek in order to make even more profit. Of course, no endeavor is without its risks. The side trek may cost more than just profit if their gamble does not pay off.

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  1. This has come to be my favorite form of serialized entertainment this year, so thank you for not making me wait any longer. The conclusion of episode 4 was EXCELLENT, precisely the type of unexpected finale that scripted drama would use to ‘shake things up,’ and listening to it unfold in realtime, with all the cryptic references to as-yet unrevealed plots, and the sudden brutal violence of it all, made it one of my favorite APs of all time. I am enjoying this series in the same way I have enjoyed some of the best serialized fiction: Koike’s Lone Wolf and Cub, Fritz Lieber’s Lankhmar, Otomo’s Akira, Sims’ Cerebus, Cook’s Black Company. That this is spontaneous, and unscripted, and involving people I have come to know as characters themselves over the years enriches the experience for me in a way that I’m not sure any other art form could, outside perhaps some weird rule-defined improv theater.

    I stopped watching The Walking Dead after season 1 but you put it to shame, gentlemen. I look forward to this episode and if any of you don’t make it please know that you are some of the most memorable characters this site has generated. Hell I even remember all your names and that’s more than I can say for the characters on Game of Thrones.

  2. Glad to have Crystal David* back for another for another game of Red Markets, though it did come pretty close to being the end for poor Paddywack

    *Does this mean his tag on the website will be changed from New David?



    I might comment later about various things I love about Red Markets but I needed to say that for now

  4. I kinda want the Kickstarter to start one week later so I can add more money. Is that wrong?

  5. Hello, everyone, New David, Crystal David, NeoDavid, or David II here. I wanted to respond because I feel like I need a name. The mentioned tags are how I’ve been referenced in both the forums and on the actual play, but I thought I’d ask the listeners in the most existential way possible… Who am I? What value do I place on myself? Would a Dave by any other name smell as sweet? Am I New? Am I Crystal? Please tell me!

    Also, how awesome is Red Markets!?

  6. I love the instant tonal shift from fun action scene to desperate, horrible fight to survive. Seems like the table even got quieter. Awesome stuff.

  7. So far the best HBO tv show that doesn’t exist. Except on paper and in our heads.

  8. Hi @NeoDavid ! I think at this point Crystal is probably your most well known adjective, though I think New David or even just Dave could work. Ultimately you have to feel comfortable with it, of course.

    There has been the suggestion of Purple David and Crystal David, so that both Davids get adjectives in the GenCon GroupMe chat, another possibility. Either way, WELCOME! The few games you’ve been apart of have been a joy to listen to.

    And I’m so hyped for Red Markets, I ready to just fling bundles of sweaty cash at Caleb.

  9. Very cool game guys šŸ™‚ Just a question, so the players obviously knew Paddy was immune, but did the characters? Since they now do know, and since selling an immune is apparently worth a fortune, is there anything in the rules about taking stress if they don’t sell him if they get into serious financial trouble? I can see some of the characters potentially keeping him around because, yes, they like him, but also because he’s a good bail out cash prize.

    So maybe no more dangerous zombie gladiator matches for the walking trust fund? :p

  10. @HapexIndustries

    The Walking Dead is like a Red Markets campaign where every single character is being played by Aaron.

  11. I fucking love how immediately after he made friends with a stranger and suffered an emotional collapse after watching them die, Aaron starts this episode off by trying to make friends with the next stranger they meet. Who will likely be convicted and sentenced to death for a crime.

    Fucking. Gold.

  12. On the wheel of gaming reincarnation pragmatism is for the weak.

  13. @Noah CrystalDavid it is. Thanks for the kind words. I’m lucky to even have the opportunity to game with these guys.

    And @Ben brings up a good point. Given Paddy’s particular level of…trust, such a trait adds an interesting moral dilemma should the group find themselves in a financial squeeze. Not to mention, now others also know. Paddy may find that he’ll have to watch his back a bit closer than before.

  14. Man, good episode. I thought the whole “circus” thing might get a little over-the-top gonzo, but it sure worked. Quick thinking by Caleb to come up with that hacked DHQS blood test to get them away with their Immunity unrevealed. Paddywhack and Ludwig join the first rank of the RPPR character pantheon. I can’t wait to see how the little lad ends up.

  15. Surprised that nobody has mentioned the moral of this episode- Always Bet On ‘Whack

  16. David wins, as usual.

  17. Caleb! Did you get the Vehmic courts idea from Ken and Robin? The Clown Moistening Skills episode? Or was it convergent evolution? Loved every second, as always, keep it up guys!!!

  18. Doh. I’m an idion. Caleb specifically mentions he got the idea from Ken and Robin. I should probably listen to the whole thing before I say “Loved every second” but I feel confident making that statement even before I’ve finished an episode…

  19. another exceptional episode. I’ll be picking this game up as well.

  20. Crystal David wows us again

  21. These are awesome to listen to and I appreciate how you all make the world come alive. I know this is an old set of the rules you are using, but had a question about ties. I agree players shouldnt win ties here. However, instead of just not succeeding, I think the market should name their price for success. Just adds to the cost of the game and also I find succeed at a cost mechanics can add to the story.

    That said, system seems to move pretty fast and this could slow it down. I am waiting to throw my money down at this kickstarter.

  22. “Succeed At Cost” is a basic principle in the rules. If it’s a non-timed scenario, the player can always tap a Reference or spend Will. The Reference expends bounty and charges on any equipment needed to contact the Reference. Will is a detached mechanic that flips rolls or upgrades them.

    If it is something time critical, players can spend Will again, though no Reference will be able to help you dodge something. If it’s something time critical and they survive failure, another roll is always available (Ex. shooting again is always another cost, considering rolls cost resources).

    Lastly, the player can petition to succeed by naming a cost (“I’ll take extra damage” or “I’ll expend the rest of my clip”), but it’s the Market’s call whether to accept the cost, deny it in favor of failure, or counter-offer a steeper cost. The Market may not find the proposed cost realistic enough (“You take extra damage from failing Persuasion test to get a discounted rat kaboob?”) or they might be scaling their difficulty towards the Bust model, making the games consequences more extreme.

    But the player has to make the petition. It’s their job to track a character’s resources, after all. The Market’s job to make the consequences for failed/succeeded rolls as narratively interesting as possible.

  23. @Jace911 That was great, wasn’t it? Aaron does love him some sympathy monsters.

    I will also say, quick thinking with the blood tester/code, Caleb. I couldn’t see any other good way out of the pit for Paddywhack..

    Another great episode of Red Markets. Can’t wait for the KS.

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