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Kowloon has saved enough to retire but that isn’t enough. He wants more than a grinding job that barely supports him and his sister. He wants power and security and for that he needs a big score. The Brutalists trust him enough to let him lead them on one last job, but will this be their undoing? A cache of pre-Crash technology sits in a convention center, just waiting to be claimed, but there’s a reason why no one has seized it yet. Guarded by government soldiers? Hordes of the undead? Something worse? No matter what stands between them and the score, the Brutalists will face it head on in the last session of this campaign.

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Synopsis: The Brutalists are now embroiled in the political intrigue of Distributee. Between running gladiatorial fights and figuring out how to assassinate a politician, they have their hands full. Even if they can kill their target, getting out is another question. The enclave is heavily populated and guards and vigilant citizens are everywhere.

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Synopsis: The Brutalists survived a job on the road, only to take another. Distributee, a neighboring enclave based in an online retailer’s warehouse, has political trouble. It plays a vital role in the region’s economy, so any instability there will have dire repercussions. The Brutalists have been hired to effect political change in a manner suited to their client. How they do this is up to them, although the more direct methods have some…dangerous consequences.


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Synopsis: Attempting multiple jobs at the same time has pushed the Brutalists to their very limits. As their supplies grow low and the challenges pile one, they must face hard decisions. At what point do they walk away, knowing inaction could cost innocent lives or profit? Trying to keep a conscience and a net profit may be mutually exclusive…

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Synopsis: After barely surviving their last job, the Brutalists decide to take two jobs at once in order to earn their retirement goals even faster. This job will push the crew to their limits, but they need to cash out before their enemies catch them. One job involves working with a group of strange artists while the other one involves working with the DHQS again. The government’s black ops program may be as evil as they come, but the Brutalists need the work.