Red Markets Beta: The Brutalists episode 12

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Synopsis: The Brutalists survived a job on the road, only to take another. Distributee, a neighboring enclave based in an online retailer’s warehouse, has political trouble. It plays a vital role in the region’s economy, so any instability there will have dire repercussions. The Brutalists have been hired to effect political change in a manner suited to their client. How they do this is up to them, although the more direct methods have some…dangerous consequences.


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  1. No matter how bad U goes out, it won’t be nearly bad enough.

  2. Can we all just take a moment to snicker at the fact that in order to ‘Work from Home’, they’d have to go a long ass way away?

  3. there are derailments that are derailments, and then there are derailments that are players arguing for five minutes about whether they can assassinate someone by crushing pesticided locusts into their food

    [incidentally, not a distinct species from grasshoppers, it’s a phase of their lifecycle they only go into under certain conditions, which is fucking weird, like if people only went through puberty if they at some point were packed into a crowded gym]

    my guess for the Chinese infiltration was that they were all carrying suppressant and they’d get into a populated area, inject themselves then arrange to die to erupt a new vector plague in DC or whatever. although now I think about it, don’t vectors have human-style hit locations? how do you manage to die as a human but remain alive as a vector? I ain’t read the rules, I’m probably missing something.

  4. @crawlkill So I’m reading aberrant idea fodder with your info on locust… actually I guess it could be argued thats just the “Ganglia”. XD

  5. I’m really glad that increased stimulation to the human leghair because of overcrowding doesn’t–apparently–cause us to molt six times into Broodax, Born in Flesh. but that’s the mechanism by which grasshoppers become locusts. TOO MUCH TICKLES? EAT EVERYTHING. it’s been induced in labs, all y’need to do is pin a grasshopper and stroke its legs for a few hours. y’know. if you’re into that.

  6. Kinda curious if anything will happen to Kyle the vegan, who is recovering INSIDE the enclave.

    I hope we get some more clues with later AP’s regarding Tiger Squads mission.

    Great episode!

  7. Very exciting legs this time around.

    Surprised Caleb let Mauve run away that easily from the Chinese. I mean, it would have been a huge bummer if Mauve was gunned down / robbed of all his stuff in the first leg, but it just kinda felt a bit easy, after he’d let them walk all on up to him with automatic weapons. Still, it led to a cool battle scene.

    Oh, and of course Aaron has to wonder out loud if they really should kill the guy he’s accepted an assassination contract on. Never change, dearest paragon.

    Can’t wait for Ross’ Mr JOLS. Expecting a glorious clusterfuck.

  8. I thought the “silencers” for shotguns were mostly to reduce hearing damage in the users?

  9. This is getting extra fun for us Beta playtesters, since the legs and some of the available jobs were used as the pregen scenarios in the Beta packet. Not the assassination job that they actually chose, but the rubber retrieval one and the rescue mission against the PMC company.

    My home group (not Technical Difficulties) had a very cordial and polite interaction with Tiger Squad. I believe they even traded for guns and ammo from them.

    The locust storm/pesticide drone/casualty party thing has never gone well for any any group, though.

  10. That Silent Spring reference, magnifique! Great work all.

  11. I think Tiger Squad should have had the Trained bonus, they were special forces. Did I miss that or was it left out intentionally to make the fight a winnable affair?

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