Red Markets Beta: The Brutalists episode 13

rm-cover1News: The Red Markets Kickstarter is in its last day! The core rules are now in color and hardcover! This is your last chance to back it and receive tons of PDF material, a full AP campaign, and a lot more!

Synopsis: The Brutalists are now embroiled in the political intrigue of Distributee. Between running gladiatorial fights and figuring out how to assassinate a politician, they have their hands full. Even if they can kill their target, getting out is another question. The enclave is heavily populated and guards and vigilant citizens are everywhere.

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  1. wow. that round table at the end was excellent. after Ross’ speech, I really hoped Ludwig would judder, rise to his feet, and repeat THAT ERA IS DEAD. AN ARCHITECT IS NOTHING IF NOT A BUILDER, AND IF YOU DO NOT BUILD SOMETHING USEFUL TO PEOPLE, THEN WHY BOTHER? -KOWLOON

    (or Iroquois Johnson or whatever his real name is, that would’ve been ever better)

    I was v disappointed nobody called the complication that the lions had made the convention center their den

    wasn’t it kind of paradoxical to frame the other politician? I mean, David managed the kill completely clean, seems like neither the Moths nor Le Corbuser would be implicated. the takers kinna drew attention TO themselves so they could frame her instead of just making a quiet exit. …course the vector kinda screwed things there. I totally didn’t get that you were gonna superfuck Tom over the handshake. I should have remembered that willpower is never freeeee!

    I had some kind of joke about the concrete jungle and how in this case it was the Amazon jungle but it now escapes me so I can only share the punchline with no setup

    really though that last scene was just great. and one of David’s characters recognized that he’s evil! that’s…a first!

  2. Congrats on getting this funded!

  3. Am I the only one who thought that Kowloon should have grabbed that Suppresent and injected IP?

  4. Listening to this session was a great way to celebrate Red Markets getting funded! Congrats everybody! Especially, Caleb.

    I enjoyed hearing the combat and damage rules again, and am getting a better feel for the Market! Liked hearing the Score rules. I like the idea of waiting for Scores as a plot feature for a character’s “Last Big Score” as one last hurrah for a character.

    This session, this arc was great. I actually love IP. I think Aaron plays him perfectly as a naive guy, who has the best intentions and is clinging to his slowly shredding humanity. I loved how Aaron’s U scene. I hate DHQS. U is my favorite villain to hate. But if he doesn’t die cold terrible and ignoble death, it will not be justice. It was utterly gut-wrenching, all the moral gray, but Aaron’s RP was spot on in my opinion.

  5. That “boxing” fight was hilarious to imagine.

    I literally laughed out loud at work.

  6. That’s the second time they’ve sent one of their own out to fight casualties for sport. It seems one of the lessons of this game is that grabbing some rocks and sticks and charging a hoard is never a good idea.

  7. I think this session would have gone a little different if anyone had remembered that IP’s shotgun had the military upgrade and was therefore magazine fed, as it was in their fight with The Machine. He should have had a round ready in the chamber for that vector. Also, unless Maleus’s assault rifle had been upgraded to be silenced since last he played, the assassination would have played out differently as well.

    Maleus’s fight with the zombies makes me want to explore an Andre the Giant type character that literally throws rocks and rubble at zombies and shuffles away, kiting them until he kills them all by hucking shit. Athletics and scavenging baby.

  8. @Hunter

    “Crit fail.”

    “You find a peanut.”

  9. don’t knock protein in the Loss! unless it is a BLIGHT PEANUT THAT CANNOT BE STOPPED

  10. “I’m on the Brute squad.”

    “You are the brute squad.”

  11. Stellar session. I love Mr U as a villain. Especially that there might be a hint of humanity (albeit twisted) when he offers the deal to the girl. Ooooor, it’s just another part of his manipulations.

    Can’t say I would have made the same choice as Aaron, but it’s a very cool one – epsecially with the possible ramifications of having pissed of a bloke with seemingly infinite resources. Was seriously scared that the girl would attack and try to infect IP (unless I misunderstood, and you can take suppressant and go on just fine) for screwing her over.

    Very happy to have Tom back. I think Malleus might be my favourite character of his, honestly.

    Again, I cannot wait for the Mr JOLS. Seems like a grand old time, only with deathtraps and zombies.

  12. Did you guys end up actually running the Mr Jols, or did you call it here?

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