Base Raiders: Saurian Solutions LLC, Part 1

fhsgExtinction is not always forever.  A group of Base Raiders are on their way across the country when they happen upon a strange situation in Arizona.  A small town has been cut off from the rest of the world, and its population have been transformed into dinosaurs by a new villain, Mr Tyrrannous.  Now, The Violet Vision, an alien robot, and a magical talking cat must stop this new villain, before the rest of the world is forced to go dino.

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  1. Interesting premise, Tom, and good on you for braving to run a Ross-less game! Looking forward to see how things are going to turn out for our intrepid heroes.

    Also; that is one adorable picture of Foot-High Science Guy.

  2. My biggest question, in all of this, How does an adolescent Ankylosaur play video games?

    What does that controller look like? Is it a pad like DDR? Voice commands? I need to know… I need to visualize this…

    I love this game.

  3. “Is it dank dank or just dank?”

  4. @Crazon Some of the dinosaurs are anthropomorphic remember.

  5. @Twib Right! Ok that makes it less sanity blasting for me. I couldn’t shake the “Land Before Time” look out of my head with the kid dinosaurs.

  6. Really fun scenario, liked how there was zero combat in this session. I didn’t get a hang on the Cat and robot character as far as their background goes but I’d love to see them more and learn more.

    The whole humans into dinos instantly made me think of this power from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:

  7. Really enjoyed it, thanks Tom! Now onto part 2..

  8. This is what happen when Tom does not get his shot of Dino-topine… Obviously Aaron’s Atomic Robo campaign woke a primal urge deeply rooted in Tom’s mind, and since he could not unleashed his animalistic rage, he funneled it through Dr Tyrranous.

    Very fun game to listen. And the team is perfectly suited for such scenario 🙂

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