Base Raiders: Saurian Solutions LLC, Part 2

saurian2And now, the second half of Saurian Solutions LLC! Our heroes plan their attack on Mr Tyrranous, getting allies from rebels within the saurian ranks. They also get help from the outside, as a grizzled old SAS soldier, who also happens to be a werewolf, joins the fight. They also seek help from a local militia that has been trapped in the jungle. But will these armed, and somewhat crazy gunmen be more trouble than they are worth?

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  1. “A British Special Force Werewolf in America” would make an awesome movie, just saying.

    The Werewolf soldier was a great addition to the team, that “Roight…” he responds to every time someone said something got funnier the more it happened.

    The ending was a bit bittersweet to me, as a listener, I enjoyed it and it was a technical saved the day situation but there was also this kind of sad undertone to it. Like I can see in the future of this world (this fictional setting of superpowers and raiding bases) that there would be those “UNISEF” style commercials calling attention and asking for aid for the poor anthropomorphic dinosaurs. Like panning across different dino kids and families as they live in refugee settlements and “wings of a angel” playing softly in the background.

    What can be taken from the above rambling is I liked it! amidst the silly fun of the scenario there were feels too. Good Job guys.

  2. This scenario was the most Tom scenario that ever Tom’d, only made more so by Eric joining as a spec ops werewolf with a gun fetish. It was great fun and great to hear the new players. Team Banter will be a force to be reckoned with, I’m sure. Great art as always, Crazon.

  3. I found it funny that Hal would even consider walking on two legs an “upgrade” to his normal form, is being more like a human desirable?

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