Base Raiders: The Lost Treasure of the Candy Man

Elizabeth-Solomon-bgNews: A new hero, Elizabeth Solomon, is now available as a PDF supplement. She’s usable as a NPC or pregenerated PC and the PDF includes an adventure hook.

Base raiding is hard to do, but sometimes the greatest difficulty is in finding the base in the first place. When the black market dealer Iconoclast finds a lead on a potential new base, she hires a few up and coming base raiders to help find it. The base in question could have a valuable stash of Ideal super-technology, including the valuable Boost Patches, which provide temporary super powers to any human that uses them. The raiders will have to dig through the dirty secrets of old Hollywood and teleport around the world in order to find the base, but can they do what it takes to cross the threshold? Find out in this thrilling one shot adventure!

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  1. woot, more base raiders. I do enjoy the heroic settings, though I have to say Dungeon World had a special place in my heart too. A shame that one ended.

  2. The mystery of the wine bottle has not been answered! Why??!!! =) Overall I liked the game a lot good stuff.

  3. oh god no I had never heard of this egg thing before and I googled it and the images oh no the images no no no no no why did you do this to me this was not necessary

  4. “Fell out of a guard tower.” Niiiice.

  5. Author

    crawlkill, you should know better by now that you should never google image search anything gross we mention in the podcast. It’s just not a good thing.

  6. omg they will never leave my mind

    BUT APART FROM THAT I continue to love how you run Base Raiders, the gonzo interaction with real society is hilarious. and I love Foot High the Science Guy, absolutely my favorite Tom character ever. the splinter moment! so good! if I were gonna criticize the episode, it would be in that I didn’t understand the pacing until halfway through–I wasn’t sure if the investigation into the widow was meant to be an introductory vignette or the main story. but it came clear.

    and then I had to stop eating my dinner and swear off eggs for a while.


    fried spiders are also good… but that’s just about the king of all grossout food. You have truly earned the title of monster today.

    Hey, Crawlkill, if you like Googling stuff, Google “gutter oil”.

  8. Gutter Oil? Hrmmm…

    *shakes up Ackbar 8-ball*

    Is it a trap?
    “Yes, definitely.”

  9. nooo

    (it bothers me more than is appropriate when people capitalize my screen name)

  10. Author

    I can edit comments, so now it just looks like you’re delusional.

    It’s me, I’m the monster.

  11. At last Ed manages to give a boot to the head.

  12. I Googled “gutter oil.” I’m not sure what I saw. I’m not even sure what I was expecting. I’m not even sure where I am right now.

    Base Raiders is such a fun game and setting. And the wine bottle. . uhh. . “side story” was a surprise. Although this issue could have easily been solved had David simply brought an actual quality wine (i.e. a jug of Carlo Rossi or box of some “red” shit ).

  13. @ PaulyMuttonchops

    Believe me, it was a surprise twist to me, too. Tom bought it because the two of us had come across a lady from the winery at the store we usually stop at for snacky-foods and sodas. She had a folding table set up and was offering samples, and since she was the only one of a number of similar ladies to have a sweet wine instead of a dry, I tried it and liked it.

    The escalating “Is there a way into this bottle?” comes from my mild Compulsive Disorder to Obsess; I know that there’s a wonderful sweet red wine in the bottle, and I *must* find a way to open it… or we could have put the bottle someplace where I would forget that we’d brought it and there would be none of the B-Plot.

  14. Love the episode as usual. I was a little surprised that no one tried walking up and talking the Candy Man and messing with the time line. Also, never look up images of things mentioned on rppr, wiki them. Reading about it was bad, but since the entry was not a thousand words, it wasnt as bad as a picture.

  15. 70s exploitation Divine Fire is the best Divine Fire.

  16. I’ve always wondered–does Tom not drink because he’s a nerd who doesn’t put anything altering in his body, or is he a recovering misuser since long before we knew him? (I suspect the actualy reason is a better reason than either I’ve suggested here. I am a professional doctorate.)

  17. I have never drank. I have tasted, but never liked it. There are two reasons I don’t drink.

    1. I don’t like the taste. Never have.

    2. I have known people, including good friends and relatives, who spent a small fortune on drinking. I figure I am saving a lot of money.

  18. Well, as for reason 1, taste is no issue, just have girl drinks.

    And reason 2… there’s more to life than a little money, don’t you know that?

    I’m just kidding, I totally get the whole straightedge thing. It’s not what I ended up rolling on my lifepath generator, but I started off heading that direction. Did you know that if you drink this fermented liquid, you temporarily feel great and forget all your problems and stop saying “um”? Total lifehack.

  19. Based on this episodes how many corkscrews is Ross going to be given as ‘gifts’ while at GenCon?

  20. No need to corkscrew Ross, we brought one with the second bottle. I repeat, he has ways of getting into the wine bottle now.

  21. This is how collections get started. Get him enough corkscrews and suddenly everyone will think he collects them and start giving them as gifts. “Thanks…” (really thinking: “I don’t even like wine!”) Soon enough his grandchildren will be giving him corkscrews every Christmas, and he’ll go senile and forget why he started collecting them.

  22. I will never doubt David again. Here is the shoe method of wine opening in a handy youtube video.

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