Base Raiders: Canon

sentry-turretNews: Check out Death Traps Volume 1, the newest Base Raiders supplement. Use Gritty Gas in your game today! On sale at DrivethruRPG and the Base Raiders store.

A group of Base Raiders find themselves trapped in the Graveyard of Giant Robots. Built by the Ideal, it is a state-sized cavern in the mantle of the Earth. The old heroes used it to store dead kaiju, wrecked alien spaceships, and decommissioned giant robots. Access is only through teleporters found in various Ideal safehouses but getting in is a lot easier than getting out. Paying for a teleport back to the surface is quite expensive, so the base raiders decide to take a job. Alien refugees want a particular computer back, which is somewhere in the depths of the Graveyard. Finding it in the thousands of square miles of kaiju corpses, swampland, car-sized kaiju parasites, and malfunctioning armed robots, is easier said than done. Who will they find in the Graveyard? Why is the alien computer here? Who is using it? Find out in this special one shot!

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  1. *Imagines Dr. White afflicted with the gas* “Damn you Horse!!!!”

  2. WAIT!? (Listening to the first few minutes of this). So Bill is playing a Base Raider version of PewdiePie? “F***ing BARRELS!!!”

    I’ll shut up now and continue listening. XD

  3. Slowly but surely Aaron grows to hate the Unicorn I think Sparkles needs to show her that he means well maybe get her a blind date.

    So I learned something today remember that you should think about your actions and not be a horrible person! But seriously oh gosh the things Melissa did to that poor man he did not deserve that at all

  4. Base Raiders! Always a fun listen. I love this Graveyard of Giant Robots setting, too.

  5. “This gas has made me sexist” probably one of my favourite things I’ve heard.

  6. I love that gritty gas somehow made him sexist. That gas is super annoying and I am surprised there was not perv’s miasma, or something similar.
    Also Sparkles he just wants to help his best friend Aaron. His best-est friend who he wants to drink some of this water and don’t ask where its from and things.

  7. The Graveyard of Giant Robots PDF needs to be a thing. Please make it a thing, Ross.

  8. Author

    Yeah, I had a lot of fun thinking up the Giant Robot Graveyard. I need to finish a few other Base Raiders PDFs first though:

    Masks of Chaos (stretch goal for Boiling Point. Draft half done.)
    Cosplay (in layout)
    Death Traps Volume 2 (nothing done yet)
    Glitched Realities (text written)

  9. Is there any chance of seeing a base raiders campaign any time soon?

  10. It was called Heroes of New Arcadia.

  11. Oh god its the robot assassin!

  12. Author

    I actually do want to run a proper Base Raiders campaign. I just need to get a few things done first though.

  13. Heroes of New Arcadia was the series that converted me from never looking at Superhero rpgs to realizing they can be done well with a good GM and great group of players.

  14. Just to be clear, Heroes of New Arcadia was run using the Wild Talents system. But it was where Ross invented the Base Raiders setting and came up with the idea for the game.

  15. @ RobotAssassin

    I appreciate the recommendation to New Arcadia, but I had already found that. I was wondering if there was going to a proper Base Raiders campaign using that system.

    @Ross Payton

    If you do a Base Raiders campaign, I would love to see the return of Professor White!

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