A Dirty World: The Weight of Her Shadow – Part 1

The less-than-beloved matriarch of the Shelby family has passed and her surviving children and grandchildren gather to attend her funeral and determine inheritance. Matters are confused, the will is in question, and new assets keep appearing. Join Ross, Tom, Aaron, Jason, and Renee as the grandchildren of Oma Shelby while they begin to uncover the terrible family secrets.

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  1. So thrilled to hear more dirty world. Especially with Aaron involved.

  2. More dirt world? YES!

  3. dirty world best world yes
    looking forward to gettin the beans spilled on these secrets and lies cause damn grandma was into some shit

  4. I hope we have some mythos-y type shit because I *loved* Cottonwood.

  5. Yes this. More of this. Now please.

  6. Conflicted about this one the plot seems sign posted somewhat hopefully episode 2 adds the twist.

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