Forbidden Lands: Rose Shield Dungeon

After hundreds of years, the Blood Mist has mysteriously disappeared. All throughout the land, villages and settlements once isolated are now open to the rest of the world. A band of young adventurers has set out to explore the wilderness. Will they survive what they encounter?

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  1. Enjoying it so far, I like the alternate campagin your clearly working up. It leaves the core setting open for people to run in their home group still.

    Minor Clarifications if you do run a campagin;
    -Resources are a die value, not a number. Why it says water skins hold d12 water is thats the max value of resource dice. Every time you consume a resource you roll the die and if you roll a 1 or 2 you reduce the die type by 1 (d12, d10, d8, d6, Empty). The abstracted it a little more than other games using this system (pg 38)

    -Magic always succeeds, the roll of WP just increases the power level or causes mishap. Even if they get a mishap the spell still goes off (pg 118).

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