Slasher Flick: Secret Santa…FROM HELL

A group of (mostly) horrible people find themselves at an isolated mansion on Christmas eve, with a strange older couple as their hosts. An innocent game of Secret Santa quickly turns dark, as the guests realize the couple is far more sinister than they could imagine. The gifting has begun.

(RPPR will resume on January 3, with the first episode of our next campaign, Reign: Nagalisitu!)

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  1. I don’t know why, but I kept expecting Grandfather Fimbulwinter and his wife to be Y’golonac worshippers.

  2. When Tom encounters the reindeer in the fog, I loved Ross’s subtle chuckling every time he had another one appear out of the fog amidst Tom’s character trying to talk down the first reindeer.

    It was a special kind of dark humour and growing dread.

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