Urban Shadows: Wolpertinger

As Europe goes to war in the year 1916, New York City has become a hotbed of international intrigue, even among its supernatural residents. The major factions of the supernatural desperately want to remain unnoticed by the human majority, so when strange murders and disappearances begin to plague the humans, they send a team of three beings to solve the problem. When a mage, a ghost, and a werewolf begin to investigate, they find a greater threat than they ever could have imagined.

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  1. let me guess which one Tom played 😀

  2. New Red Markets campaign in the making, or similar? Or is this a one shot podcast nowdays?

  3. Author

    We run one campaign at a time and post one campaign at a time. Gate 9 has been done for a while but it was quite a long campaign so it will take some time to finish posting here. After that, we will see what campaign will be posted next.

  4. Oh please let this be a campaign. Or at least go long enough for Mohammad to keep meddling and setting up Kasumi.

  5. Im just waiting for the Unknown Armies Campaign over here

  6. Well, about that…

    Bill had a kid.

    Then I had my life destroyed by Red Markets shipping.

    So, some bad new about the Unknown Armies campaign….Sorry.

  7. ……………………………….Damn

  8. Did Ross change the website layout?

  9. I liked a lot of this game, though it felt really weird to have the situation of “shit is fucked, talk to these people for help” followed by them just fleecing the players for favors. If the factions weren’t established in the city and wanting to avoid notice then it’d make sense as they wouldn’t have a dog in the race, but as is I’d think each faction would have a certain amount they’d do straight up (at the end) and favors for extra stuff.

  10. @ZypherIM, thanks for listening and thank you for the honest critique.
    Part of that disconnect is on me for not being more explicit about my vision of NYC 1916 being downright Byzantine, with this plot being one of many crises occurring at any given moment. As for the favor-fleecing, that is a baked-in feature of Urban Shadows.

  11. I typed a bunch of stuff, but it felt a bit too wordy. If the PCs fail then the fallout is bad enough that the factions need to act, but the PCs aren’t big enough fish that owing a favor feels in-line with that. The Night faction negotiating “we’ll give you extra muscle if you give us the credit” felt perfect for the setup.

    One thing to maybe consider if you were to run this again would be to have each faction have something different they could add, such as vampire muscle, weakening the big bad to normal person strength, escape vessels for survivors, etc. Maybe Night wants credit, but Power wants an item of power the big bad has, or Mortality wants someone to give to the cops to pin all the bodies on.

  12. Can someone, please, like, PLEASE teach Bill to pull out in time? I’m out, good God I hate 2017. Fucking hell!

  13. Congratulations to Bill and his family regarding the new addition!

  14. #1 Congrats to Bill, new baby are both a Joy & extremely tireing haha.

    #2 honestly, I liked the Favor Fleecing, I thought it was interesting.

    #3 I can’t blame everyone Ross for wanting this to be a campaign. I’m enjoying the hell out of Gate 9 & I’m finishing up listening to “the Spared & the spoiled” OR “Better Angels” OR “No soul left behind” haha y’all keep changing it.
    Personally I would LOVE to hear a new Campaign or “Better Angels” or perhaps a new Cthulhu Campaign.

    But hey, I enjoy listening to y’all’s stuff & y’all have enough older stuff to catch up on that I don’t mind waiting for Gate 9 to finish.

  15. Do a new campaign in something you haven’t played yet. Traveller or one of the Warhammer 40K RPGs or something. Note that you can port Mythos stuff into all of these, esp. 40K.

    Caleb and Faust would make the lulziest Space Marines.

  16. @factotum I would kind of love an old school WHFRP game with the boys.

  17. If I’m ever a millionaire I will give the RPPR patreon so much cash that they have to make Caleb and Faust play Space Marines. It would be amazing and hilarious and I can’t see them ever agreeing to do it for less than one money unit.

  18. Would suggest Rogue Trader as alternative one shot.

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