Shadowrun: A Spooky Scary Halloween Special

A group of shadowrunners have been hired to acquire rare and ancient Japanese artifacts currently stored in a museum in Seattle. It seems their original owner wants them back. The team is happy to oblige, only there’s an additional twist: no blood must be shed during the heist. This may make the theft more challenging than any of the high tech or mystical defenses set in place. Or perhaps the artifacts themselves may be the final challenge. Ancient art in Japan is more than beautiful…it’s positively haunted.

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  1. My only regret was not working in more Cannon Film references beyond Menachem’s name.

  2. I actually liked that a lot more than I anticipated! I’ll hafta go back and give these Shadowrun games a listen after all, I’m always biased against online games because of how they break up conversational flow but this felt p good

  3. Another episode with Bridget as GM in Shadowrun, awesome!

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