Shadowrun: Everybody’s Grudge

Merry Bridgetmas! Even during the holiday season, work never stops for the shadowrunners of Seattle. One crew is contacted to eliminate a target VIP at a certain building by a certain time. Of course, getting in a heavily guarded site requires skill, cunning, and good teamwork. This team is not quite as functional though, constantly bickering and arguing. What twists and turns await them and what is Santa carrying in that sack?

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  1. So Shadowrun is mostly to let Ross dress up and shoot things? Not complaining but I do see a pattern here.

  2. Author

    I didn’t shoot or dress up in the Halloween special. GEEZ

  3. This got me through the slog of a Christmas Day shift, appreciated.

    These have been really fun and I hope they keep going, it would be cool to see the full result of these plans.

  4. Ross Troll Santa is best Ross

  5. I posted on an earlier session how much I enjoy Bridget’s stint GMing but props go out to whoever came up with the oneshot characters that have been used throughout this arc. Speaking of this arc, are these scenarios published anywhere? I’d love to run them for my group some time.

  6. I’m really digging Bridget’s Shadowrun games. I’m not sure if it’s high tier managing of Shadowrun’s inherent quality of going real wacky real fast or the GM knowing just the right amount of rope to give the players regardless of the system. Either way, these games have a great humor-to-stuff-happening ratio and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the newer cast here.

  7. I made the oneshot characters, but mostly what I do is just put together interesting skill combinations and then the players give them personalities & backstory — it’s a collaborative effort!

    These adventures aren’t published anywhere; they’re my own work, and unfortunately Shadowrun lacks an open license for 3rd-party publishing. If they ever become published tho, RPPR fans will be the first to know!

  8. Was this episode streamed at all, and if so where can I watch it? I’d love to be able to observe as the players pie each other and drop into hysterics.

  9. Ross using a machine gun to devastating effect… somewhere on the ocean floor, a Deep One feels a shiver of terror and doesn’t know why…

    Loved this session! My own efforts to try and run this system have met with mixed success, so to see it handled with so much ease and grace is truly a sight to behold. Excellent work all around, and I look forward to more from this group.

  10. I finally got around to listening to some of the Shadowrun games, and I’m throwing my lot in with the Bridget love-fest. I have nearly zero experience with RPG’s but her GM-ing has been rivetingly creative and hilarious. Some members of a gaming group I joined recently mentioned that they were interested in trying out Shadowrun. I’ll make sure to share these episodes with them.

  11. I’m glad you’re all enjoying these! I hope your own experiences with Shadowrun are just as entertaining

  12. Running Shadowrun I think can be very difficult balancing the mechanics with everything. Great job
    …and great games..

  13. finally finished this one! shit is DARK. I’m more used to Shadowrun being bad things happening to bad people! “dad offs himself in front of daughter” was something I thought you’d pull a switch on, like he was allowed to ascend to the kitsune’s court or somethin for his obedience

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