Feng Shui 2: Dim

Imagine the real world BUT there is also magic and fantastical creatures like elves, centaurs, and orcs. This did not change history or culture in the slightest. Like, aside from there being orcs and magic, everything is literally identical. The Alamo happened. Crazy, huh? Now there’s a crystal ball, which is like an artillery strike, but it can also do useful things. Maybe not like grant a wish, but still it’s pretty useful. However, only special people called Dims can use crystal balls. In this world, a crystal ball winds up in the wrong hands and everyone is after it. Guns are involved.

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  1. I thought you’d messed up and put a Shadowrun game here but then the penny dropped…

  2. It took me a while to get into this one, but I realized that was because my mindframe for the game was a lot more serious than it actually was (last episode I listened to was somewhere lane). Once that clicked properly it was pretty good.

  3. in your recast of erm !Bright, you should have Milla Jovovich cast for Tikka, because well….that’s exactly her sort of role.

  4. …I am hurt by this I am hurt deeply and on a level I did not expect to be. I still knew what this was but it hurt all the same.
    Now then I’m gonna watch the episode but seriously that description

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