Shadowrun: Trust Me

A group of shadowrunners has been contacted by Clarabelle (aka Wolf Knight) on a juicy lead. A secret lab has been shut down for unknown reasons, seemingly abandoned. It’s locked down but still full of valuable loot, like computer servers, and research data. Of course, something triggered that shutdown, but nothing that a team of shadowrunners can’t handle. Trust me.

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  1. Nifty episode. Was this really a Timewatch! crossover with Shadowrun? (Psychic raptor are one of the alternate timeline dominant species that occur as villains in the Timewatch! setting. And if it wasn’t … will it become a prequel with the next game where the runners were recruited by the Time Patrol?

  2. haha, I’ve never heard of Timewatch! the psychic raptors might come back for a GenCon oneshot but I don’t think it’ll have anything to do w/ time travel

  3. FYI it’s a pulpy gumshoe game – I’m pretty sure one of the RPPR guys has a copy of the book.

    Re psychic raptors: Sophosaurs! Explore the mysterious background of the time-raptors, including their clan structure, hunting habits and nefarious goals in taking down the human race.

    Another TW opposition species that might fit in with shadowrun are the Ezeru: shapeshifting, giant radioactive mutant cockroaches from the future. .

    Then again shadowrun has a background that’s plenty deep. ā˜ŗ

  4. I feel like Tom missed out on a very Tom game.
    Lexcellent game!

  5. Please be in more games Thad. In fact, be in all the games šŸ™‚

  6. /salute better lex.

  7. Metagaming the metagaming made my night. Kudos to Bridget!

  8. Bridget, Shadowrun, and Thad! What’s not to love here? Can we get more of all three?

    For the second half of the run I was convinced that Clarabelle had set the runners up (whether wittingly, unwittingly, or through coercion I was uncertain). I thought that the runners were essentially subjects in a live weapons test and the actual run was for Clarabelle and Oni-Chan to simply to bring some unawakened dupes to the compound to see how the raptors and the squid/octopus thing performed.

    Seriously, a great game with a lot of great moments from all. I continue to be impressed with Bridget’s GM chops too. She sets a scene well, doesn’t tip her hand, and lets everyone have fun but will rein things in before they slip too far off the rails. Also, I could listen to her talk for hours. Thad too. Did I mention more of both of them?

    Thanks for a great AP!

  9. This sounds like the Shadowrun version of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Nice!

  10. I had this one on my MP3 player for a long time. Too long, as it was so good! Another awesome episode, Bridget! The paranoia going on reminded me of The Thing.

    I’m gonna miss Better Lex.

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