Delta Green: Jungfrau

A group of mountain climbers are hired to guide some rich tourists up Jungfrau, a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Something dark has thawed in the mountains. When the team finds it, they will soon learn this is no mere adventure. It becomes a matter of life and death. Is escape even possible?

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  2. This was a fun listen. The team should have some sort of bonus to skill checks or teamwork thing. Like it felt the team’s mountain survival ability seemed pretty shitty.

    Feedback the people gave was spot-on, and this could be tuned into a really solid scenario.

  3. I appreciated being reminded who Gustav was.

  4. Thank you, this was quit enjoyable, even if it did go completely off the rails.
    Just a few minor nitpicks: The German and the Swiss character not speaking any English is extremely odd, unless they dropped out of school at grade 6 or something like that. Being *bad* at English is pretty common around here, but being completely unable to speak the language, at all, will earn you failing grades pretty much automatically.
    Regarding the firearm thing: Gun Control in Europe is not as draconic as Ross makes it out to be. If you want to go the more realistic route, give the gun to one of European NPCs. Switzerland is a Schengen country, after all, and bringing your legally acquired firearm across the border without being found out would not be that difficult.

  5. I Havent been able to find the first divine fire where/is it posted

  6. Loved the game! As a early draft it was fantastic, I can’t wait to hear the next climb!

  7. Entertaining– in no small part due to the moment the GM is like ‘cards on the table, this has gone completely off the rails’. But as he says, that’s what playtesting is for/ why it’s essential.

    And everyone had an enjoyable experience.

  8. Really enjoyed this scenario even though it went off the rails. Good job, Tom. Run it again for a different group!

  9. On the gun control issue, it is possible to acquire firearms in Switzerland with enough money and the right connections. The Serbian mafia, for example, has been highly active in moving illegal weapons out of former Yugoslavia.

  10. Loved the concept. Please let me know if you come across the climbing roll play guide deal yall were talking about.

  11. The feedback was pretty spot-on. A bunch of non-DG people, paid to bring people up the mountain had no reason to go on, and instead try to get extracted from the mountain. As a DG Op, or if they were paid and the people funding the expedition wanted them to continue, then at least there’s a reason to keep going. Can’t wait to see if the next party gets further into the scenario!

  12. I just love Ross’ reaction to finding the Nazi truck. “Well, I don’t know what I was expecting…”

  13. I second Zero and Ross’s comment, I bust out laughing at that.
    I’m not done yet, but I have to ask:
    Why is no one mentioning the goat wrestling? And “you do you, Aaron.”
    “Do you want the knife or the flare gun?”
    I’m dying.
    Back to the story.

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