Delta Green: White Winter

A group of FBI and Secret Service agents have been sent to New York City to prepare for a presidential visit. During the inspections, evidence of a secret assassination plot comes to life. However, not all is as it seems, and this plot may have its origins to an old Soviet project delving into the unnatural.

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  1. Divine Fire Inspired? Listening now..

  2. It does feel appropriately in Divine Fire’s Mythos world.

    I’ve love Tom’s modern scenarios as much as the period piece ones, and this was no exception.

  3. I really liked the commander structure to this one. Where a lot of what the PCs did was manage and order.

    I also love that the whole thing was kind of because one dude fifty years ago didn’t really understand geopolitics.

  4. Tom is the Tom Clancy of RPPR.

    Glancy is the history professor.

  5. Goddamn it, Ross Payton. I posted my last comment before I finished the episode. You pre-stole my line!

  6. Tom as GM, love it!

    PS: more MUTANT please 🙂

  7. It’s a shame the current political climate would make such games difficult. Regardless, it doesn’t matter what you believe we all taste the same to eldritch horrors

  8. I enjoyed the scenario, fun episode. One thing I seem to remember is that animals can’t be bonds, so Ladybird would be safe even if her master wasn’t.

  9. “Remote piloting a shoggoth” is probably the quote of the month.

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