Tales from the Loop: Boulder City – Episode 5

Dawn Lynn’s father is sick and needs help beyond what conventional medicine can offer. Agents of the KGB prowl Boulder City, looking for their target, a pair of teens with dark secrets. Find out how all of these intersect in our final episode of our Tales from the Loop mini campaign!

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  1. Could the bitrate be increased? Bandwidth prices have been dropping, and a VPS from OVH for example could be used.

  2. I’m kind of sad that this was the last one. I hope we see The Loop again at least if not our child heroes. Maybe let them grow up and stuff them into a Cthulhu game?

  3. ^Omg, Dawn Lynn grows up to be the Indiana Jones of Arkham University. She finally got talked into joining the track team and can use her high jump skills to escape traps and can shotput golden skulls to safety. #canon

  4. Author

    @Rib – I will set all AP episodes to 64 kpbs and regular episodes to 96 kbps. I already use OVH for file storage and I use over 3 TB of bandwidth a month usually but yeah prices have been dropping.

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