Delta Green: The Gorgon Incident

Several years after the raid on Innsmouth, a small group in the Office of Naval Intelligence is tasked with investigating the occult. P-Division has learned of a series of bizarre incidents at the Cabot Museum in Boston. Theft, suspicious deaths, and worse. A team of agents heads to Boston to learn the secrets of the artifacts stored at the museum and who is after them.

Thanks to Adam Scott Glancy for running this scenario for us at Gen Con 2018!

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  1. Hey! Don’t blame Lovecraft for Saltonstall, they’re a real Boston family that funded a lot of art and history related stuff in the area, and would totally fund a museum like the Cabot Museum.

  2. RPPR after Gen Con is the equivalent of Podcast Christmas

  3. Love the 1h monologues of mr Glancy, and his derailments with a 15 minute exposé about labelmaking technology for canned goods in the 30s (well not exactly but you catch the drift).
    This time though, I think it didn’t work as well. How much did the players get to talk? 20 minutes total? Felt a bit like “Listen to mr Glancy explain the scenario to the players”. Still loved it.

  4. this guy has to be the worst DM in history. absolutely atrocious.

  5. ?
    Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it’s wrong.

  6. Another great Glancy game. Fun stuff. Surprised the players took such a light touch with the museum staff, though. I guess they thought some of them might be suspects? I’d be like, “Here’s my G-Man badge, tell me everything right now or go to prison.” Also, I’m sad that David wasn’t there to say “Show me the mummy.”

  7. Always stoked for a Glancy game, I loved this.

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