Ashen Stars: Abundance – Episode 1

Abundance 5 is a remote planet, ill-equipped to deal with dangers. Its population of former resort employees who re-enact the Wild West, the rebels who hate the Wild West, and a commune of cultists who worship a galactic hero, can’t deal with the numerous threats they face. Two teams of Lasers, professional troubleshooters and law enforcers, have been hired to protect them.

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  1. Nice! Thanks RPPR.

  2. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the campaign.

    This is the “totally not colonialism” adventure discussed on the main podcast a while back, isn’t it?

  3. My delight at seeing a new science fiction actual play up was matched only by my disappointment when I saw it was only ninety minutes long. Oh, how I miss the days of six hour games.

  4. I liked the characters very much, but mind control guns and the description of that fetish-y slave race made me a little bit uncomfortable.
    Cautiously Optimistic :).

  5. Author

    This is the shortest episode in the campaign so every other one is at least an hour longer. And yes, this is the not-colonialism campaign. We started this in November of 2017 actually.

    The mind control weapons and slave race are in the game’s written setting – I did not add them!

  6. Ashen Stars! Hooray! Looking forward to the contrast of the two groups.

  7. Yay gumshoe!

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