Tales from the Loop: Boulder City – Episode 4

A mummy has been sighted near Lake Mead by several kids. The adults dismiss the rumor as mere childish imagination, but for a certain group of kids, they know that a mystery is afoot. Finding out the secret behind the bandaged wanderer will be fun, if nothing else!

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  1. I love how every 80s game turns into a race to find relevant references. Also, Tom tried to resist the Toto but we all know it’s too hard, there’s nothing a hundred men or more could do even.

  2. Now that you have played more Free league games would you consider trying Mutant: Genlab Alpha?

  3. I was reminded of this game last week, when I went to a large metal concert and they played Africa by Toto on the venue speakers in between sets. I like to think Tom’s character was somewhere in the audience when that happened.

  4. …and it happened again, at GWAR. Guess Africa is metal now.

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