As Blossoms Fall

A pre-feudal Japanese oneshot about five people torn between the terrible weight of duty and the bonds of feeling between them: forced to choose what they will save, what they will give up, and what they will destroy.

This adventure was designed by Luke Jordan originally created for live play in a convention setting. The module features a custom resolution mechanic, with heavy emphasis on character-driven roleplay. The Actual Play was ran by RPPR’s “Most Innovative” GM, Bridget, at GenCon 2018, featuring veteran RPPR cast members and a few newcomers. Atmospheric and moody, this is RPPR at its best.

If you would like to run this scenario yourself, you can obtain it from Luke’s page for a reasonable price. If you want to see more high quality content from our “Most Innovative” GM, Bridget’s patreon can be found here.

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  1. Listened as soon as it dropped and immediately listened straight through again. Amazing episode.

  2. so, I’m generally not a huge Bridget fan solely because she goes pretty deep on Japanese culture, like deeper than I understand.

    However, this almost-engineless game has worked out really well. I understood what was going on, how it was playing out, what was offensive socially, etc.

    It was very intriguing and kept my interest all the way through. Kudos to Ross for playing such a nuanced character, btw. Overall, I’d like to see more. Well done, Bridget.

    Also great to hear Fae again. I can’t be the only listener missing you on RPPR. (Guess I am going to have to check out Thrilling Intent)

    Also, very cool that pronouns were used.

  3. I can see this as a manga, with the events of the game playing out interstitially between several flashback chapters that reveal the backstory of the characters and the valley, leading up to Act III serving as the final chapter.

    Or even a 13 ep anime: one episode of character introduction and funeral, 10 flashback episodes with the vigil as framing device, and then a 2-ep Act III.

    Some damn good drama with early teases of magical realism before really embracing it in the showdown.

  4. An amazing episode- the game itself, as well as Bridget running it, and how the players roleplayed through it.

  5. I just got around to listening to this at work. Instant classic. Excellent role playing, excellent story telling. I would love to try this game, and would be interested in seeing other ways to use this system.

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