Fate Core: Two Fangs of Winter

The year is Tenshō 10, in the Twelfth month. Six months ago the betrayer Akechi Mitsuhide attacked his master Oda Nobunaga at Honnō-ji, burning it to the ground along with the demon warlord. Snowfall covers the mainland, and a time that should be spent in contemplative seclusion is now spent in clandestine war meetings. Stillness and oppressive silence envelope the countryside, but whispers of secret treachery fill the halls of every daimyō. In Settsu province, Lord Inukai and his loyal retainers meet to discuss the coming war for the title of Shogun.

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  1. I have to say that I have really enjoyed every game Bridget has run so far for Rppr. Does she have her own site? Looking forward to more sengoku follies or shadow run.

  2. This game got me through the horrors of stocking shelves for another evening. Good stuff. The world needs more slow-burn samurai intrigue.

    First game of Bridget’s that I’ve listened to, but now I’m psyched to queue up some Shadowrun.

  3. I really enjoyed Bridget’s GMing in this game, too.

    Complete mastery of the theme and game mechanics to create an amazing AP.


  4. Great episode, amazing GMing by Bridget. It just really bothers me just how ahistorical it is, you know?

  5. I can’t tell if that’s sarcastic or not … :thinking emoji:

  6. Im love how you set up the scenario as well as the challenges and opponents.

    It’s just… why didi you guys kill Kanbei, man?

  7. Great game, any chance this turns into a campaign? Pretty please, lol

  8. it is a campaign! I don’t know what the posting schedule is like but you should be seeing the continuation episode fairly soon

  9. I liked this for the most part, but when things got to real delicate cultural specifics, like ‘where do you keep your sword’ or ‘how do you refer to him’, then it forces you to have an intimate knowledge of the culture there, and thats offputting, but I enjoyed it overall and will listen to the next episode.

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