Delta Green: Operation RED WILLOW

NuSeed, a biotech firm with several Department of Defense contracts, asked for discreet aid with an urgent matter at their primary research facility. The facility is in a converted oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. A team of troubleshooters is quickly assembled to deal with the problem. Little do they know the matter is beyond their understanding.

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  1. Lol I would have failed the mission almost straight away by reporting the mysterious phone call.

  2. Got to say I enjoyed this one.
    I do wish the whole Drug thing was explored/explained better.

    I’m still unsure about what Chronos did, did it transport you to Ling? And how did the doc control Spiders? There just some lingering Question I had that weren’t fully explored. But I also know it was a situational thing. All in all I enjoyed it & the concept.

    I definitely loved the end, HAHA….Oh let’s just leave the Radio in while we talk about what happened nothing bad could happen from that.

    I have one HUGE Question, Something that’s been on my mind since I began listening.

    Has Tom made some deal with a Demon, or elder God to give him Unholy God like Dice rolls!?
    I mean he rolls so well it’s become a Joke with/between you guys!

    The masses must know! Is Tom even human? Haha!!!

  3. “If you can’t trust alien Mythos beings, who can you trust?”

    “Literally anything else.”

  4. I’d actually love a whole scenario of this. But if I had to choose between it and a God’s Teeth campaign I’d go God’s Teeth.

  5. Biologist listener reporting in!

    I loved the concept of this one. The mythos spells as “malware DNA” idea was great, and both Lazarus and Hermes were fun. No one in the game was actually exposed to Chronos, though, right?

    I really like how Ross directly uses game mechanics to increase dread sometimes – like suddenly recovering health and gaining athletics at the end. The players know nothing good is going on there.

    If you end up going back to this – many labs use bacteria or yeast for basic genetic manipulations, since they are so easy to work with. Viruses are sometimes used to deliver different DNA to human cell lines, though that has limitations.

    The game was vague about the delivery method, which works just fine in the fiction. But the microbes could let you work in contagion concerns – after all, what happens when you’re infected by a literal memetic virus?

    That’s not meant as critique – I really enjoyed the cinematic aspects, particularly the disastrous piloting at the end. And there’s an immediate wrongness to the mouse and octopus that you couldn’t convey using microbes.

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