Eclipse Phase: The Coelacanth

An executive’s identity is stolen (and murdered temporarily to assist in the identity theft). His fortune has been stolen, but he has enough assets left to hire a team of private investigators to recover his wealth and find the thief. Digging through the executive’s enemy list, finding the real thief, and stopping them, will send the team through the dark underbelly of the largest city in the solar system.

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  1. How can the same coast have two photogenic stranded ships ? Seams unfair.

    This one is on Fraser Island

  2. Enjoyed this one. Reminded me of the dirty world games, but no one dies miserable and alone at the end.

  3. I am really enjoying this one Ross. It feels like a return to form for Eclipse phase when Jason has to fray a point blank shredder shot and Tom decides to just cheese it through a window with the loot. What’s that? Tom rolls a critical? Return to form and good times.

    I was curious though. Did you get any ideas for the main plot from Altered Carbon?

  4. Author

    I was aiming for a Maltese Falcon kinda story, but murder is so ingrained into noir that it’s kinda hard to avoid.

  5. Listened to this on a long road trip — this was really cool!
    Eclipse Phase is just such a rich setting, and I especially enjoy the rare non-Firewall games people play because sometimes, it’s just more immersive when the world ISN’T at stake every time!
    (Also because a setting capable of cosmic horror AND non-cosmic-horror games adds some extra drama to both, especially if it’s unclear which way the plot will go until it happens.)

    Also, a grocery store called “Ham Panther”? Someone’s played Night In The Woods.

    “Sailfish” was one of those references that I only got in retrospect, and which gave me a bit of a chuckle when I finally got the joke. Once you said it was an uplifted Maker, half-remembered lists and family tree diagrams from the RepRap wiki flashed in my head and I finally realized what the reference was. I guess I wasn’t expecting people to reference (obsolete?) 3D printer firmware.

  6. Author

    oh BTW I did find the name Sailfish by searching for 3d printer firmware names so great catch there!

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