Reign: Nagalisitu – Episode 5

The Hunting Pack has to fulfill a lot of prophecies, which might cause the downfall of a kingdom! Dwenar’s love, a princess who has gone to the nunnery, is willing to sacrifice anything for him. Will Dwenar reciprocate? More importantly, will he survive the fall after Scarl shoves him out the window? Why is Scarl doing that in the first place? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out!

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  1. My favorite part of this illustration is that, to someone who hasn’t listened, this looks like they’re interrogating or attacking Dwenar. But it’s actually The Hunting Pack’s version of playing wingman.

  2. This campaign is fantastic!

    I got into it for the promise of accelerated social engineering, but I’m loving these characters more and more. Castor & Scarl are so much fun to follow.

    Highlights include:
    – making Nagalisitu Hell
    – magic muffins
    – The slowly dawning realisation of imminent colonialism
    – The Stabiers!

    Can’t wait for more

  3. My favorite part is the artist had no fucking clue what to do with the wax shoe spell, so made it so you can’t see any pc’s feet

  4. the Caleb method: invent a religion five minutes into a session and produce a fairly convincing clerical history thereof by the one-hour mark

    and personally I always knew Aaron could fuck a lady so hard she saw God

  5. “I’m just sayin’…mechanically, I’m gonna fuck your character up if he murders his own brother.”


  6. @ Geo- You’d think that, but actually thats what happens when I draw anything. Feet are hard.

  7. @Patsy that shuts you out of such a lucrative market you have my condolences

  8. You jest, but this is a real problem for me in my line of work. Those foot guys pay quit-your-day-job type money

  9. This episode was super impressive *even before* the introduction of the Stabbyeux. And Caleb riffing on them was gold.

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