Reign: Nagalisitu – Episode 2

The Hunting Pack has been charged with guiding a new civilization, but before they can help the people of Nagalisitu, they must survive the court of Daryl the Squinty-Eyed! The angry king has arrested several members of the Pack for dereliction of duty. In order to survive, they must win a court battle against an old nemesis. Can they survive a naked trial?

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  1. “Look at that guy showing off his belly. My chest is so much hairier!” “You want to see hairy? Look at my palms!”

  2. top-tier performance from David there

    and such a good gambit from Ross in the court, I had forgotten the crossbow plan wasn’t something Caleb had planned ahead of time by the end, stellar GMing

    ORE conflict is maybe the only system where rolling is truly interesting to listen to just because, like…the outcomes are so much more than success/fail

    and detail: didn’t we hear in the first session that the brands are passed on from the Nagalisitutanians to their children? how’d Fourhands get out, and how would they have been able to leave part of their company there in session one and come back and pick them up generations later?

  3. @sevrlbats

    Thank you. my “Yes?” “Yes!” “Yes..?” “Yyyyyes….” might not be the greatest use I’ve gotten out of a single word, but I was rather proud of it. My goal was to convince them to accept me into their own.

    Four Hands, aka “Twenty,” is unique in that he doesn’t have the brand due to being born without the location for the brand; he was born missing his left arm entirely, thus the brand had no place to go.

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  5. Man, I’m loving this so much. Naked Justice!

  6. Caleb.

    God of Storytelling and Naked Justice

  7. “Look at that guy showing off his belly. My chest is so much hairier!” “You want to see hairy? Look at my palms!”

  8. magic is very very weird in this game, but I’m hooked on the story! 😀

  9. Great scene (with matching Artwork), new character and situations.

    Yes? Yes.

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