Reign: Nagalisitu – Episode 10

The Hunting Pack deals with a society growing beyond their comprehension and control. Tensions rise between the leaders. Can the Pack hold together? What course of action will they take in guiding Nagalisitu? When it is all done, perhaps they will be unable to live with themselves…

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  1. Time for the bubble to pop. A good time to relisten to the first episode.

    Good story!

  2. I continue to be thrilled by Caleb forcing the PCs to destroy paradise
    god the bodies that would not die ughhh

  3. Paradise?

    Caleb is helping the players create Heaven. Interpreted through the filter of player action.

  4. Man, I really thought Four Hands doing a magical false flag attack would have gotten more comments. Do y’all just expect it at this point?

  5. Four Hands sort of makes sense because he was basically raised from birth to follow cheska unquestioningly.

    On the other hand, he was *also* raised to hate magic and *SUPER HATE* the old ones, and you’d think that cheska fully turning into one would have at least had him sort of hesistate.

    The other guy going full “fuck you guys because I’m not really nominal leader anymore and feel slighted” was just tiring, and while it maybe made sense, the character arc of being petulant and whiny is boring. Like 4H, it mostly made sense, up until the building blew up (which wasn’t mentioned in the whole “bring an army for them to fight to toughen them up” plan). That should have at least caused him pause, but all that happened was a throw-away “in for a penny” line.

    Hell, the Aiden character from god’s teeth felt less randomly insane.

    I mostly was holding off on posting because it basically is a re-hash of my comments from a few episodes back. Great things about the games keep being great, the meh parts are stemming from a minority of the players.

    I really enjoy the idea of the setting, the pressure on the players that the setting provides, the fact that they keep having to break down what they’ve created in order to help it survive and the struggle to do that while preserving as much as they can.

    My only complaint about the setting is that it sort of feels like they have to take the fastest option outside the portal for their next injection. Maybe if it was presented more as “the longer you take, the harder it’ll be to change/fix stuff when you go back”, or if they had more history by default but they lost a die for every X years (with a floor for various actions).

  6. Well done, Four-Hands! I didn’t expect it.

    And to think we coulda had spear-ball and blood-yamerade…

  7. Just listening to this episode now, had to check the comments(not too many, strange) about this one after Klinscher and Four-hands, um… I don’t know what to call it.

    Didn’t really expect Four-hands’ deception about the subterfuge, but did kind of expect it from Klinscher(Shaun, since he’s done this once or twice already).

    Listening to the rest now.. 😛

  8. Well Caleb, there once was a game where David played a comic character with a comically named gracklegun. Said comic character proceeded to kill teens comically and made a Batman.

    So no, I was not surprised by the false flag operation. To be fair I don’t think 4 hands knew what the stone was going to do (I didn’t expect an explosion either).

    What I don’t understand is why Cheska added an undying curse to the explosion. Was there a purpose other than add misery?

    Anyway, great episode!

  9. We’re all just waiting to see if Aaron is capable of cold-blooded assassination.

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