Delta Green: All My Sins Be Remembered

While excavating land around Catholic church near Norfolk, Virginia as part of a larger renovation, local construction workers have unearthed a strange burial site. Inside a hillside crypt nearly 200 yards from the church, workers found nearly 30 skeletal remains arranged in a circle along the walls of the crypt. Each skeleton was found to have had it’s skull removed and placed in front of a central skeleton holding a long blade with spiral etching. Initial observations from friendlies on the site have determined that the blade may be a point of concern. Delta Green activates a cell to investigate the site and identify any potential vectors.

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  1. Back to old school RPPR. Horror and DG. Nice.

  2. Great game by Aaron! I really liked the ideas behind it and the way it played out.

    Not sure why someone from the Cowboy Era would be a big red flag, other than they’ve probably “seen some shit”. I think the people in the program are practically the bad guys with their, more or less- official government sanction. In my mind, the Cowboys are the ones with humanity’s best interests at heart. Well, more often than not. Maybe.

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