Reign: Nagalisitu – Episode 6

The Hunting Pack is summoned to explain Nagalisitu  to the Queen of Newt, but they soon find that she is set on exploitation and conquest. Fortunately, the Stabbyeux, the personal guard of the princess (and defenders of love!) intervene, rescuing the party. Now the party must make the prophecy come true if they want to fulfill their mission.

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  1. This one was a real treat.

    It’s even funnier now that I going through Know Evil again.

  2. Well that escalated quickly!

    Loved it again. Full of hilarity.

    “…I shouldn’t have given you that crossbow”
    “You should not have, but you did!”

  3. So glad Patsy did the Stavieres! Combat chandeliers….

  4. I don’t know how far in advance you have these recorded, but the reverse guillotine gave me an idea: With the way that magic works in that world, I assume you could put some runes on the head of a spear that when the spear kills someone it will trigger runes on the haft of another spear causing it to launch forward with great velocity. So you design a seige ballista that sort of looks like a repeating crossbow with big rack of bolts on the top of it, each bolt designed to trigger the next in the line so you only have to mechanically fire it once, and if that bolt kills someone, the next in line will shoot off automatically. Then if you miss, or a bolt doesn’t kill someone somehow, you can always winch back the drawstring to try to start the proccess over again.

  5. Caleb I have high expectations for the Marquis de Balgrin. HIGH.

  6. Loving the campaign so far!

  7. “The real caravan was the love we found along the way.”

    So good.

  8. Great stuff this epsisode! Very exciting. Can’t wait to see what happens when they add religion to the society on the other side of the portal…

  9. 6 episodes in and this is becoming one of my favorite RPPR campaigns.

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