Delta Green: BLACKSAT

NASA always has more people willing to risk death for glory than missions to fill. When a five astronaut team gets the call that they’ve been assigned a classified, military space shuttle mission, it is the chance of a lifetime. They are headed for space to repair a secret spy satellite code-named BLACKSAT.Two experts are assigned to travel with the astronauts to conduct the repairs, but they are clearly not qualified. This is only the start of this mission’s problems.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers. (I haven’t listened yet, just assuming they’ll be needed.)

  2. Nice scenario. Is it published somewhere?

  3. I find the absence of rules for atmospheric re-entry to be an unforgivable oversight. I think my Agent could survive the lethality roll.

  4. Author

    @guh – BLACKSAT will be part of Control Group, an upcoming scenario anthology. It goes to press in March; published mid 2019 (Stolze & Ivey, authors).

  5. I’m glad to hear that this is going to see print. Great scenario.

  6. A very interesting scenario but the medical part at the start seemed to lead nowhere apart from exposition. And it suffered at least in this play through from the perennial Cthulhu problem of normal people would have said no ages ago, Tom and was particularly gung ho and Greg as the Doctor became somewhat sanguine after his protests fell on deaf ears but it seemed that they had to be to male the afventure work. Like I said I really enjoyed listening to the adventure and the background information/world building was really well done.

  7. Man, everybody really drank the evil Kool-aid when the one math guy coughed up what was going on. Especially the doctor. “I mean, there’s a slight chance that this guy will pull through, but let’s sacrifice him anyway.” 😮

  8. I got to play a earlier version of this at GenCon run by Greg Stolze. It went significantly worse than this one, but was a lot of fun.

    It’s a really fun, mean (in the right way) scenario. And in this run, that was some creative and ruthless problem solving from the players.

  9. For anyone wanting to play this scenario, you can find it in “Delta Green: Control Group” together with other good scenarios

  10. I feel that this scenario would work great as a story. As an RPG, it seemed like there were too many “we wait for the next thing to happen” moments.

    Still, it was a fun listen.

  11. Please don’t eat chips/pretzels near the microphone.
    It cost me more Sanity than the scenario!

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