Slasher Flick: Eyes on Breen

Agent Denim is on a mission to stop the SOVAD global economic forum (held in Las Vegas) before the evil bankers and politicians take over the world. One by one, the evil and corrupt members of society will face justice at the hands of Denim. But they have their own plan to stop him. Is the world doomed or will corruption win?

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  1. This one is a serious contender for the top ten of one-off scenarios. Just marvelous.

  2. First time poster. Had to post. Currently in middle of listening to this one. I’d never heard of Neil Breen before so I had to look him up to figure out what the hell was going on. I watched a few videos online to get a good understanding.

    During the episode someone (I think Ross) says something along the lines of “There can only be one Neil Breen in a Neil Breen movie.”

    Well… he accepted your challenge.

  3. I literally could not listen to this episode outside of my house because it’s too damn funny

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