The Orpheus Protocol: Knock, Knock

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A team of agents has been assigned to investigate a series of strange incidents at a wealthy gated community. Someone is knocking on doors of certain residents late at night, but despite private security guards, surveillance cameras and other measures, the suspect remains unseen.There is more at work here than a mere series of pranks. What will the team uncover?

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  1. This was a really good episode that highlighted the different mechanics of the system.

    The story was very good. And while I understand that horror thrives in mystery and the unknown, as a listener I feel like there are several pages of backstory that have yet to be uncovered to have all the pieces fit. For example: Was the black thing the sin-eater or was it the flesh monster? Was the flesh monster a manifestation of the person’s sins? What is the relationship between the black thing and the puzzle box? Why did the Norwegian get turned first? Who originally set up the dungeon and what was going on there? Occult experiments?

    At the end of the day I am left wanting more information and that’s only a good thing.

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